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Startup Playbook: success through failure

Got a Startup Idea but Don’t Know Where to Begin? Try Fe/male Switch!

Today women's entrepreneurship is on the rise all over the world. Take Oprah Winfrey, Sara Blakely, or Wang Laichun, all of them started out poor with sometimes the weirdest business ideas. But in the end, they dared to achieve success in sectors where thousands of men failed. No matter how strange and unusual a startup idea is, if you find a suitable niche for it — it will hit the market.

A service shipping glitter for money to anyone on your request? Done

An app helping to find out whether anyone died in the house you intended to buy? 
Wrap it.

Want a pet but have no time to take care of it? Buy a pet rock!

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Made a few wrong turns in your life but still want to settle things with the big man upstairs? Reserve a spot in heaven!

And many more are out there! All the aforementioned startups brought their’ creators from $20 000 to $15 million, despite the fact that they were laughed at when saying the ideas out loud for the first time! Not to mention the fact, that almost all of them were done at home, except for tending to pet rocks, you know. 

However, an idea alone is not enough, implementing it is way trickier. One can’t create a successful business in a day, as it requires planning, development strategy, and investment, both in the forms of time and money. Basically, you need to start a business to learn how to do so. But there is another way that can bring you closer to success and help play your cards right.

Fe/male Switch or a business incubator?

A business incubator looks like a logical place to go if you have a startup idea. If you go through a selection process, they’ll give you something to start with and then you are out there in the open sea with all the sharks lurking around. It may work out if your idea is something truly otherworldly but you’ll never know until you get the first profits. Or don’t get it. If you are to fail you will see all the wrongs you’ve done and you’ll know the means to avoid them. But failing the first attempt is horribly devastating, as it sometimes makes people stop chasing their dreams.

Fe/male Switch believes in a different approach. It is not only the idea itself that makes a startup successful but the process of organizing the work around it.

That’s how things work at Fe/male Switch:

1) It all starts with choosing the general idea of your future startup and building a personal brand. For an idea to fit the market you first need to make it fit yourself. Think carefully about what you want to achieve with this idea, it may be your hobby or just a side thing you do in your free time. The question is: are you ready to work hard to do it better than anyone else

2) What inspires you the most? Are you ready to devote your time and energy solely to it for many years to come?

3) Would anyone but you be excited about the idea?

The main idea behind our approach is to help you become a professional in the sphere of your choosing. With FMS you will learn how to create a network of people engaged in your idea and how to use their feedback to make it better. 

We do more than just throw tools and people leaving them in a harsh and unforgiving business environment. Our project will help you understand how an idea works and what to do to fit it in a market niche. Or at least you will be able to decide whether an idea is worth trying before spending huge amounts of time and effort trying to make it work.

By the way, you don’t even need to have a ready-made startup idea to join our startup game. Simply Apply here. Let Fe/male Switch be your first step in entrepreneurship! 

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