Fe/male Switch
Startup Playbook: success through failure


Welcome back to the series of articles explaining the essence of our game's startup roles. Today we’d like to proceed with the role of a mentor.

A startup mentor is a person who provides time, expertise, and connections to a company. Let’s take a look at the three roles that mentors take on to get a holistic view of their place in the startup ecosystem:

A startup mentor is somebody who has been in your position, gone through it and has come out the other side. Their advice is invaluable for helping you grow your business with fewer costly mistakes and less painful wrong turns. Instead of proceeding by trial-and-error, you can rely on their guidance in the following cases:

- Building a sound business strategy 
- Providing unbiased advice on startup-development
- Putting together the right team 
- Motivating and training the team 
- Validating/evaluating ideas
- Finding product-market fit 
- Building a strong network of potential partners, investors, talents

The role of the mentor is mostly about working with people, so get ready to turn total chaos into a thriving team. Ever doubted your abilities as a startup mentor? Our serious fun RPG might be a great way to try your hand at this role. Let’s look at some of the startup mentor gameplay.

Finally, a startup mentor is an expert who has enough knowledge, experience, and connections to help you and your business grow. 

Do you feel like you have some valuable experience to share with startup rookies? Are you dreaming of becoming what Mike Markkula became to Steve Jobs?

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Until next time!