Fe/male Switch

Startup villa networking
Pool party

We want to celebrate the launch of our startup game for women. Join us at our villa with a pool and a magnificent view.
14:00 – 22:00
Mellieha, Malta
To be announced
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About the event
you can meet future business partners and investors and brainstorm about common topics.
expand your pool of potential mentees and chat with other mentors.
current entrepreneurs
future entrepreneurs
meet all the participants of the startup ecosystem and see for yourself if entrepreneurship sounds cool.
best way to discover talent and get a feel for the founders. how men treat their wives at events gives you plenty of info.
The party is interesting for:

What's going to happen

  • On entering the villa you will be asked to take a photo
    with a poster to support female entrepreneurs. these photos are to be used for the awareness campaign. by coming to the party you consent to this.
  • Food, drinks and talks
    our italian, dutch, ukrainian and russian hosts will make sure you are well fed and happy. fancy a drink? it's happy hour here all day long. enjoy and talk away.
  • Pool and a photoshoot
    take a dive in the pool , while enjoying the view. it's also a great photo location, so pose and smile. Tag us for good karma (@gamepreneurship on instagram)
  • Make a post about the party to show your support
    the more women find out about our startup game, the more lives we can impact for the better, the more parties we can host. we are looking to create an active community.
Who is behind the event?
An international team of snowballs with offices in the Netherlands and Malta
With more Master's Degrees than people on the team, our expertise areas include intellectual property, law, education, data science, AI, ML, blockchain, neuroscience, psychology, economics, business, linguistics, management, and IT, among others.

Snowballs are guided by Violetta, aka "Mean CEO", a serial founder with an MBA and 4 other Higher Education Degrees, background in education and deeptech. She is CEO and co-founder of CADChain, Fe/male Switch, BlendedBoris, Secret.Kiwi (in stealth mode) and more.

We are strong supporters of a diverse startup ecosystem and seeing as we work hard and smart, we like to give back. Fe/male Switch is a non profit initiative which unites several projects, including a startup game for women (launching later this year), startup school, Live Certificates (in alpha testing), bias score algorithm (in development).

These events are our way to create awareness about the lack of diversity in startups and at the same time to celebrate startup life that we can't live without.
Pitch yourself or your project by the pool (check out the party program) and win a bottle of champagne that you can spray like a real winner (we will make sure you get an awesome video as well) and a unique digital bottle of champagne with your name on it (created by our awesome illustrator). It's the audience that will choose the winner so put your best smile on and become the first ever winner of the Fe/male Switch + Malta Startup Space "Champagne Award".
Sponsored by Malta startup space
Champagne mess
Party Program
Pre-launch party
Guests arriving, taking photos with the poster
14:00 – 15:00
Snacks, drinks, talks on the terrace
15:00 – 16:00
Pool party to get tipsy before the next part
Pitch yourself by the pool and win champagne
18:00 – 19:00
More food and more fun by the pool
19:00 – 22:00
Why would you attend this awesome party?
  • Meet new like-minded people
    it's like tinder for startups: you never know where you can meet your future co-founder.
  • Unwind yourself
    taking a day off worrying about your business makes you more successful. don't underestimate the value of mental health.
  • Practice pitching
    practice public speaking and pitching in front of a friendly and diverse crowd.
  • Get hired
    we are always on a lookout for a new team member. might that be you? if there's a culture fit, then let's talk.
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Registration for the party
Bring some food/drinks or donate to our foundation
If you are bringing a friend or a partner, send them the link so that they can register as well.
We will email you the address and any other details several days before the party.

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