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Gamepreneur Testimonials

Our gamepreneurs loved
"Code orange" pilot
  • Benedicta De Fretes - Dirkmaat
    Passionate entrepreneur and startupper
    Being a gamepreneur and sitting on the startup simulation chair during the role-playing game has boosted my adrenaline. For a month, my days were filled with more excitements. Everyone in the Fe/male Switch team also radiated contagious positive energy. I am thrilled and looking forward to getting to know the full platform. I want to continue and win my game! Trust me, joining Fe/male Switch is worth our time and effort!
  • Alina Kostrub
    The idea of becoming a startupper has always seemed complicated, confusing, and intimidating to me, but testing myself in the Fe/male Switch project turned out to be a great decision. This educational game will enable you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, learn a lot about the startup world and how things work (before you invest your time and money into a real business). You'll be able to work out whether this intensive lifestyle suits you or whether it's better to work the old-fashioned way for someone else. What is very important, these guys don't just throw you in the water and say "ok, now swim", but train, help, support and don't let you drown. It is very exciting that you can make mistakes in the game, learn from your own failures, and then apply your newly gained knowledge and wisdom to real life. And there are no consequences!
  • Stella Friaisse
    Master student in international business and negotiations
    I was not totally sure what to expect when I decided to enroll for the pilot of Fe/male Switch because I had never participated in this kind of program before. All I knew is that there was a lot to learn and this was a very easy guess. However, I didn't know how fun it would be to meet and share with other women from such diverse background about startup life, to participate in original quests and earn token by completing different tasks or by marketing my skills.
Our gamepreneurs loved
MVP Pilot
  • Angeliki Vasileiadou
    I was really happy and honored to be a part of the Pilot - it 100% re-assured me that i was on the right track in my career and helped me develop even more my enterpreneurial skills.
  • Christiana Mouski
    That game exceeded my expectations in so many ways. By far the most interesting and fun school i have been to,cause i find that it's a school
  • Alexandra Sciberras
    I loved the Fe/Male Switch experience!

    The platform provided a super effective way of learning new skills, while having the chance to meet like-minded entrepreneurial women. All in the form of a game which made it so much more interesting and effective! Even as an entrepreneur who already founded a start-up, it provided a wonderful opportunity to improve upon my skills and gain more confidence in them, along with learning new skills that are proving to be very useful for my start-up!

    Thank you to the F/MS Team for this opportunity, really looking forward to the official launch!
  • Cristela Mejica
    I originally took a mentor role, and I never expected that at the end of this game, I would take a risk to be a real entrepreneur! Regardless of your role, you will be inspired by the people you are going to interact with. I've always been shy, so being a mentor got me excited and nervous as hell. The virtual game allows you to apply the modules learned in real life, using different productivity tools. What an experience!
  • Sarangi V L
    After the pilot program I could confidently say that I have evolved into an entrepreneur. I was unsure of what I could expect when I was enrolling to it because it was something very new. Now, I keep mentioning about Fe/male Switch to other aspiring women entrepreneurs who I happen to meet. The best part is that I am a part of the Fe/male Switch community where we support each other and share about fun things.
  • Queeny
    Female Switch was a fun and educational experience where you get to experience entrepreneurship with inspiring women in a safe and supportive environment. I learned a lot and even though I will not start my own start-up any time soon, everyone should try out the game at least once and learn more about start-up culture.
  • Karen Jooste
    The most valuable aspect was support, feeling a bit less alone on my start-up journey. It gave me confidence. Tips and valuable resources for building a start-up if you don't have money.
  • Marieke
    Loved the challenge that FMS gave me and kept the pressure on. Within 4 weeks the FMS pilot made me (want to) deliver a complete project including presentations a landingpage, social media, a mentor and investor and so much more from which upon I can build a real life startup! Without FMS I would have been stuck on perfecting and changing and in the end would take me forever and I would have probably gave up. FMS is a great platform that offers not only a lot of possibilities to learn new skills in a fun way but also guides you in what steps to take and so much more. I have met a lot of amazing woman (and a few men;) for which I am extremely thankful. Highly recommend!
  • Gamepreneur
    Although with my team we haven't gone much through the game it was an interesting experience with everything being so realistic even the modules done in order to get tokens. A game from real life!!
  • Shekoufeh Izadkhasti
    The idea of Gamepreneurship was unique. Participant has the opportunity to know other participants with different experiences and supporters as big sisters. the atmosphere of game push you to bring your idea to reality, step by step without any cost.
    It really worth trying if you had dream about starting your own business but didn't know how to start.
  • Madina Aliyeva
    Great opportunity for all those ladies who may be stuck in the office job and are too afraid to realize their long cherished startup idea. Try it out vurtually and learn which gaps you still need to cover and have fun and make friends along the way!
  • Gamepreneur
    A wonderful game. Extremely professional team. Gives vital understandings about entrepreneurship while supporting especially female needs of constant interaction and communication.
  • Gamepreneur
    Female Switch is a unique project that opens up great opportunities for every woman interested in making her own business. Before I joined the game, I had no idea about how to make a start-up and while playing I was really surprised that so difficult things could be explained simply and in a playful manner. The game also gives you a chance to meet other motivated women who would love to work together on the projects further.
  • Daisy
    Thank you Fe/Male Switch for this game 👏 It was an awesome journey, learning, creating and meeting so many great people. I would recommend it to anyone interested to grow their inner entrepreneur and find all the knowledge to start up their business in one place. Well done !!
The second Pilot of the Startup Game for Women lasted 4 weeks and has been a success.
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