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The game is a browser-based startup simulator and your goal is to stay afloat. Assemble a team and create a startup together with an investor and a mentor, gain STARTUP EXPERIENCE, win PRIZES and get FUNDED.
Start with Onboarding, fill in information about yourself, your education and your current skills. Get tokens for doing so.
Start with Onboarding
Create your own avatar from unique things drawn by our illustrator. You can buy new unique items in the Marketplace. You can order your 3D avatar and share it anywhere.
Create your unique Avatar
Update your profile with new skills acquired in the Skill Lab and beyond. Explore profiles of other players and choose your teammates.
Fill out your Profile
Get new skills in the Skill Lab
Learn via micro-modules and check your progress to be even more proud of yourself. When a quest in the game seems too complicated, Skill Lab is the place where you gain the missing knowledge on how to start a business.
Save the tokens you earn at Skill Lab and Marketplace in an Wallet. Keep track of your finances not to go broke.
Check tokens in your Wallet
Spend & earn tokens at the Market/place
Earn and spend tokens in the Market/place. Create new cards with useful materials, sell one-on-one meetings. Buy new unique things, which you can try on before buying.
Follow the process of buying and selling in the Market/place office to set meetings and keep track of your schedule.
Schedule meetings with buyer & seller in the Office
Create a team or join an existing team in the Game. Complete quests and earn tokens. Level up your team and get a better office.
Come back to the Game to complete Quests
In the Lounge, you can always track your overall progress in the platform, read the latest news written by Elona Musk.
Tired of playing?
Get back to the Lounge
Check current progress in My dashboard
This is your personal progress tracker.
Your inner Y-Model needs fuel, right? Well, this is where the magic happens. But here's the catch - our dear Elona has made the recharging formula a well-protected secret. The only way to juice up is by completing modules in Skill Lab and quests in the game.
Check learned skills in the Skill Matrix
This is your map to success. Here, we track all the incredible skills you're mastering. The more you practice, the higher you rank. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, there's always room for growth.
Test yourself in the Test Territory
Ready to put your skills to the test?
This is your chance. Unlock your chosen test, complete it, and wait for Elona's verdict. No pass or fail here, just lots of learning. Plus, it's free and you can retake tests as many times as you want.
Add your liked profiles to the Qeen bees board.
Hit that like button under the user's avatar and you're good to go. You can even toss some tokens their way and engage in a chat with these game gurus.

The only women-first startup game

The goal of the game is to survive and thrive in the startup village. This means that you have to earn more than you spend. Can you do it?
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