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Fe/male Switch
The ultimate STARTUP GAME FOR WOMEN :play 24/7/365 and get ready to launch your first startup
The game is a browser-based startup simulator and your goal is to stay afloat. Assemble a team and create a startup together with an investor and a mentor, gain STARTUP EXPERIENCE, win PRIZES and get FUNDED
Role playing game
made by experienced entrepreneurs
Meet the new module in the School
"AI for startups"
Check out the new module in the startup school that is fully controlled by AI. Elona is in charge and she will answer all of your questions, give you an assignment and a quiz and you will get her feedback. In the end, you will receive a certificate if you do well.
Who is the Game for?
For anyone who wants to go from an idea to first revenue without hiring developers or looking for funding. It's easier than you think. We give you skills, knowledge, tools and insights. You devote time to the process and voila, success is guaranteed. Starting is the hardest part.
Future entrepreneur
Are you wondering if you have what it takes to start a business? Go from zero to one and challenge yourself.
Startup founder
Do you already have a startup but lack funding, technical or business skills? Move from one to ten with the game.
Solo entrepreneur
Are you a freelancer or a one-person business who is stuck? Figure out your next step in the game.
Correct Process

Successful Business
You will not be alone.
Game Masters will help you.

And Mean CEO will guide you.

Mean CEO
A small town girl with big dreams. She did well in school and always kept quiet. She used to be shy and obedient, loved computers, books and her own imaginary world in which she was happy. She was told which route to take and what to become in life but she didn't like it. She told her family about her dreams but they just laughed at her. A little contrarian in her pushed through and soon enough she started making her dreams come true: traveling and living in different countries, learning new things and meeting new people until she became a startup founder.
Who is Mean CEO?
Mean CEO
Why Mean CEO?
Mean CEO used to be a nice girl who kept her opinions to herself. Then one day she decided to start Fe/male Switch and started writing and talking about female entrepreneurship and diversity in startups. And that's when she could no longer keep quiet. The men who were not happy with her position found it very important to let her know how wrong she was. First she tried to convince them with logic and data. Alas, they just called her names. Women are expected to be nice and obedient, so she did the opposite: she warned the whole world that she was mean. Is she really mean? It's up to you to find out.
Why was the Game built?
The Dutch Government said that they wanted to bring more women into startups. We put our entrepreneurial and educational experience into a proposal and...didn't get the grant. We decided to bootstrap the project and build the game without any code. And now we can teach you how to do the same for your business.
How Mean CEO
became an Entrepreneur
Stuck at the office
The 9 to 5 is my biggest nightmare. I tried to escape it by all means necessary. I even got 5 (yes five) University Degrees just not to be stuck in an office doing something that was not inspiring enough. I worked in the USA and a few other countries but I always did something extra on the side. Something that made me feel like I am my own boss without much risk.
Switch to freelancing
It's not a surprise that at some point I decided to start working for myself full time. And when I say full time, I mean 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. I started a one-person English as a Foreign Language school and it felt great until it didn't. A few years in I hit the ceiling. I needed to change something in my business model or start delegating, but I wasn't ready for either.
Serial entrepreneur
And then the universe called out my name and said: shouldn't you get into startups? And I didn't hesitate, because I was ready for a change. Long story short: I packed my things and moved half way across the continent to join a startup incubator. It was 4 years ago and the rest is history. I have never been happier with my life.
the demo of
the Platform
The goal of the game is to keep your burn rate positive. This means that you have to earn more than you spend. Can you do it?
Our unique Approach
Transform Your Dreams into Reality with Our Proprietary Gamepreneurship Methodology by following the right process. Become an entrepreneur with zero risk!
Learn, play and earn
Learning by doing is the best, right? However, if your new skill doesn't bring you money, what's the point of that skill? Building and selling come hand in hand.
AI co-founder
Tired of looking for the right co-founder? Our AI tools never argue and never ask for equity. Upgrade to an AI co-founder today and start building a startup.
How the game works
Baby steps at Skill Lab

Start growing your inner entrepreneur, get into startup mindset, upgrade and expand your digital skills. Create and monetize your content and sell your skills as well, so you can earn your first tokens and treat yourself to a nice mug of coffee!

You Snooze, you lose
Start hustling: gather a team, get tokens for quests, and get a better office! Just like in real life, you have to decide on salaries, build your audience and make sure there's enough cash for champagne to celebrate victories! Mental health matters! So learn to enjoy life!
Show me the Tokens

Your startup lacks some knowledge or your team needs funding? Consider spending your tokens on skills acquisition for the team, or get an investor. Do you want both? There's plenty of ways to earn: get creative and challenge yourself! Win prizes and get funded.

Inside the Platform
We have something for everyone. Do you want to learn? Run to Skill Lab. Are you ready to use your skills? Hit the "play" button and start hustling. What do you have to lose?
Learn via micro-modules and check your progress to be even more proud of yourself. When a quest in the game seems too complicated, Skill Lab is the place where you gain the missing knowledge on how to start a business.
Start with the Skill Lab
The goal of the game is to reach the top of the FMS Tower by moving to a higher level (and thus a better office) and become a star of F/MS village! Build in public and master the startup building process while making friends. Our women-friendly AI will be there to support you.
It's time to Play!
Use in-game tokens to buy tutorials and expert sessions. This way you invest into yourself. And you can sell your skills and services as well! Check your wallet to see how many tokens you have earned.
Explore the Marketplace
With our certification system, every skill you gain in Skill Lab and every quest you win in the game transforms into a micro-credential that gets added to your verifiable portfolio. Your live certificate grows with you.
Get a live Certificate

Ask Elona about Fe/male Switch

Elona's totally stoked to tackle your questions about Fe/male Switch and the startup game. She will dish out answers like it's her job (which, tbh, it is) and even give you advice if you are unsure about something.

Scared of taking the first step? Start small and check out our AI tools that will help you get started in no time.
Play with an AI co-founder & build your first startup
Benefits for you
Check out some of the benefits that you can get by playing the startup game
  • Master the process of business building
    If you think that having a great business idea is the most important thing, think again. Ideas are worth nothing, but the correct business process is what distinguishes success from failure.
  • Learn to sell before building: step by step guides
    Forget about spending months on figuring out how to build something only to discover that nobody is willing to pay you any money. If you learn how to sell something before building it, you are golden!
  • 24/7/365 access and individual support
    Study and play any time of day from anywhere in the world. Have one of our Game Masters help you out. Attend workshops and webinars. Schedule meetings directly with Mean CEO or other in-house experts.
  • Prizes and micro-funding: upto 3,000 EUR
    Whether you just want to test startup life, meet like-minded people or compete with others, prizes are always fun. If you are building a startup, then you can get micro-funded in order to move further quicker.
  • Software discounts and perks worth 1,500 EUR
    Get access to software from our partners for free and learn building a real product. We have several different no-code tools for you to test. View discounts here. Moreover, we will teach you how to get more stuff.
  • Legal support, blueprints and templates
    An hour of lawyer's time goes for 100-300 eur these days. In the game, you can have consultations with our in-house Legal Coach for free. You really don't want to miss out on this opportunity to figure out IP, contracts and agreements.
Why we are Different
We are the only women-first startup game made by entrepreneurs.
Community-powered and simply fun: the game steers you towards success.
Co-building with the community
Interaction and feedback
Female role models present
Personalized educational track
Made specially for women
F/MS: startup game for women
Female startup communities
Co-building with the community
Serious games
Interaction and feedback
Female role models present
Not enough
Personalized educational track
Startup incubators
Made specially for women
Co-building with the community
Business courses
Interaction and feedback
Female role models present
Personalized educational track
Made especially for women
Co-building with the community
Interaction and feedback
Female role models present
Personalized educational track
Made specially for women
Co-building with the community
Interaction and feedback
Female role models present
Personalized educational track
Made specially for women
Our Partners
Dare to
Get on the
launch waitlist
build your first startup
upgrade your digital skills
get prizes if you are in TOP 10
get funding if you are in TOP 3
More than a Game
Start gaining startup experience today! Sign up for the Startup School and the Playbook updates. Join our ecosystem and get access to our gamepreneur community.
Our gamepreneurs
love the Startup game
  • Alexandra Sciberras
    I loved the Fe/Male Switch experience!

    The platform provided a super effective way of learning new skills, while having the chance to meet like-minded entrepreneurial women. All in the form of a game which made it so much more interesting and effective! Even as an entrepreneur who already founded a start-up, it provided a wonderful opportunity to improve upon my skills and gain more confidence in them, along with learning new skills that are proving to be very useful for my start-up!

    Thank you to the F/MS Team for this opportunity, really looking forward to the official launch!
  • Marieke
    Loved the challenge that FMS gave me and kept the pressure on. Within 4 weeks the FMS pilot made me (want to) deliver a complete project including presentations a landingpage, social media, a mentor and investor and so much more from which upon I can build a real life startup! Without FMS I would have been stuck on perfecting and changing and in the end would take me forever and I would have probably gave up. FMS is a great platform that offers not only a lot of possibilities to learn new skills in a fun way but also guides you in what steps to take and so much more. I have met a lot of amazing woman (and a few men;) for which I am extremely thankful. Highly recommend!
  • Shekoufeh Izadkhasti
    The idea of Gamepreneurship was unique. Participant has the opportunity to know other participants with different experiences and supporters as big sisters. the atmosphere of game push you to bring your idea to reality, step by step without any cost.
    It really worth trying if you had dream about starting your own business but didn't know how to start.
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