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Are you a woman with a burning desire to launch a startup?
Our entrepreneurial potential test is here for you to unleash your true self. This test is by no means supposed to discourage you from getting into startups but to make you look deeper into yourself.

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Why the Entrepreneurial Potential Tool?

At Fe/male Switch, we understand that female entrepreneurs bring a unique and diverse approach to business, and we refuse to let women be limited by traditional data and evaluation methods, which are often tailored to men
After two rigorous years of research, gathering data, and diving deeper into the world of women and startups, we have built this entrepreneurial potential tool for aspiring entrepreneurs!
Our AI and scientific research powered entrepreneurial potential test is here for you potential.

It's the first-ever research-informed assessment tool crafted exclusively for women!

How does the tool work?
Our expertly-crafted assessment examines 20 critical entrepreneurial factors related exclusively to female entrepreneurs and scores each element on a scale of 0 to 5. With a maximum score of 100 points, you will gain invaluable insights into your potential to succeed in the startup world.
Start by answering thought-provoking questions designed to dig deep into your entrepreneurial mindset.
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Get a highly personalized result that reveals your strengths and areas for growth.
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Uncover if you're equipped to take on the startup world and what you should do next!
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Better Data, Better Results

Our entrepreneurial potential tool is the beacon that empowers women to realize their startup dreams while forging a new, gender-balanced future.
As more women join the Fe/male Switch Startup Game, our dataset grows stronger, further refining our tool. This means future user insights will continue to improve, empowering even more women with entrepreneurial aspirations!
After a thorough research on entrepreneurship and female entrepreneurship in particular, we created this groundbreaking tool. Based on 20 crucial factors, our assessment identifies the unique strengths and qualities that make up a great entrepreneur.

Have Elona draw a blueprint for you and level up your startup skills and mindset!

Ready to unveil your entrepreneurial potential?