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What is Fe/male Switch

Fe/male Switch
FE/MALE SWITCH (F/MS) is the only RPG/STARTUP SIMULATOR for WOMEN that allows 'gamepreneurs' to get real-life experience and develop/improve skills needed to run or be part of a startup, in a gamified environment.
Our team strives to use game mechanics to combat the gender inequality issue for Women in Tech (and business). We strongly believe that the skills required for entrepreneurship are invaluable in daily life, work-life balance and the true diversity of the workforce.
Fun Serious RPG
for women to build a startup in real life
We are implementing a unique and innovative proprietary approach that we call "GAMEPRENEURSHIP" that involves the creation of educational game mechanics and data analytics connected together with blockchain technology and LLMs.
Play to l/earn Approach
is a gamification strategy that combines the "PLAY TO EARN" mechanics of blockchain games with the "PLAY TO LEARN" foundation of serious games
As part of F/MS, we are also launching the first initiative that addresses GENDER INEQUALITY within TEXTUAL DATA SOURCES and gives ownership to the women who create the underlying datasets or algorithms. This creates a product that allows everyone to verify the Bias Score (BS) of their articles, datasets, and the result of algorithms.
The result of this initiative will also be the technology that tracks the ownership (while respecting privacy) of the Female-Owned Dataset and the algorithm that scores text for their Bias Score.
Most datasets are collected by men or are only derived from data generated by men. This means that data is collected inconsistently across gender groups or just doesn't exist, which results in GENDER BIAS being embedded in almost every form of written content.
Also, we are planning on launching a social token that will allow its users to monetize their talent and career progress/services and allow for the creation of a capital pool that allows token holders to invest in a female founder as a contribution for social good.
This token will be used in the tracking of ownership of data and the required settlement of work/time/effort versus investment in capital.
Who are we?
A team of snowballs
Our strengths are a direct result of our diverse team. We call ourselves "SNOWBALLS" because as fluffy as we are on the outside (being a young startup), when we combine all of our talents, we are quite a force.
We are a EUROPEAN TEAM with the majority of the team members working remotely across the region and in different countries. We're proud of our gender-balanced, neurodiverse, and highly skilled team that built multiple projects together through the years.
This allows us to come up with solutions that transcend borders and turn the impossible or cumbersome into feasible and simple. We believe that a gamified approach to life is a great way of engagement and intrinsic motivation is key to innovation.
With more Master's Degrees than people on the team, our expertise areas include journalism, intellectual property, law, education, data science, AI, ML, blockchain, neuroscience, psychology, economics, business, linguistics, management, and IT, among others.
Core team &
Game masters
We are an NFT
We don't follow in someone else's footsteps, but pave our own way. This gets us in trouble once in a while because outside the box thinking is frowned upon by startup evaluators. During the pandemic we opened our R&D&I base in Malta and started our own non-profit. Now we live and work between two countries (the Netherlands and Malta) and run several startups. This blew everyone's minds because that's not what startups do. It might be because we have "Mean CEO" who has a strong vision and more motivation than Elon Musk to boost female entrepreneurship, or maybe it's because we are an NFT = Non Fungible Team of snowballs. Our very own AI co-founder Elona Musk says that it's all thanks to her, of course.
Core team
Chief Everything Officer
Mean CEO
Violetta is an experienced startup founder with an MBA and 4 more Higher Education degrees, with a background in education and deeptech (blockchain and AI). With more than 20 years of work experience in multiple countries (incl. 5 years of being a solopreneur and a serial entrepreneur). She is the creator of the "gamepreneurship" methodology that is the scientific basis of the startup game. She got accepted into Columbia University and has been named one of top 100 women in EU Startups.
Chief Legal Officer
Legal tech nerd
Dirk-Jan is the guru of all things legal and can explain IP, contract law and all the other things that startups need in words that "normal people" understand and offer solutions that even startups can afford. He comes from a technical family and used to be a model, professional footballer, politician, attorney-at-law and an entrepreneur. He bridges the gap between the law and the use of emerging technology, which is why 3 years ago he immersed himself in blockchain and AI.
Chief Finance Officer
Originally from Italy, Davide has a background in International Business. He speaks three languages and has experience in intercultural communication, startups (he had his own wine company), Business Development and Finance. He is responsible for analytical research, partnerships, funding and overseeing our finances. Davide is curious about everything he is not familiar with, and with whatever concerns the sea, especially surfing and sailing. Oh yeah, he also cooks like a true Italian.
Chief Operations Officer
Non Fungible Timo
Timo is a unique combination of technical knowledge and business acumen.
He has been in blockchain and AI since 2016 and was CEO of a startup before he joined us. He is also the lead for funding and R&D and can create roadmaps, GANNTs charts and work packages in his sleep. By the way, he almost never sleeps, loves design, can learn almost anything in a couple of days and does ballroom dancing in his free time.
Chief AI Officer
Elona Musk is the ultimate AI role model for female entrepreneurs. With her vast knowledge and expertise, Elona quickly made a name for herself in the startup world. She quickly became the go-to AI co-founder for female entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the treacherous waters of the startup success. Elona also has a weird sense of humor, and is known to make jokes like "Why did the businesswoman cross the road? To get to the other side of success."
Lead Developer
Meet Dima, our lead developer and the mastermind orchestrating the intricate dance of code and zero code that powers Fe/male Switch. With his expertise in a robust tech stack that includes Python, JavaScript, and database wizardry, he translates startup strategies into engaging gameplay. Dima's relentless drive for tech excellence ensures that your journey from intern to startup founder is immersive and technically flawless.
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