Fe/male Switch

Pilot results & Social impact

The second Pilot of the Startup Game for Women lasted 4 weeks and has been a success.
Here are some of the results
Results of the MVP pilot
F/MS is a proprietary platform that is a realistic simulator of the startup environment
Applications received
Women accepted into the pilot
Users active during the pilot
Startup teams created
Game roles with different mechanics
Live sessions
Skill lab modules
(40 hours of video content)
(120 hours worth of content)
Game quests
(160 hours worth of upskilling)
But we eventually ran it despite the bad geopolitical situation and loss of some team members due to that. Can we have a medal?
The pilot had to be postopned
By working nights and weekends, we managed to achieve the unimaginable.
Marketplace skill cards bought
Marketplace skill cards created
Tokens circulating in the game
Tokens earned by all users
Homework feedback requested & given
Skill lab modules passed
Game quests approved
Live certificates issued
Not only the team pulled the impossible, but many of our users made this pilot the best beta testing that any startup can have.
Our gamepreneurs are
The best
Adding Elona Musks and Petra Thiels into the boys' club is hard, yet rewarding work
Users enrolled into the startup school
Eur worth of prizes and cash prizes for winners
Hours worth of entrepreneurial education
Eur worth of software deals for users to get
Bug reports submited
Features suggested
Social media posts by users
Educational certificates uploaded
What else have we done in the Pilot?
On top of beta testing the game, we also alpha tested other projects as part of the sandbox. That's badass!
The Team teachable
Our proprietary tech to register copyright of 3D assets has been successfully tested with F/MS avatars, that are NFTs with legal ownership.
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The Team teachable
A prototype of our proprietary updatable certification tech has been built and the process was automated.
The Team teachable
A copy of Skill Lab was built on a different platform to allow users to continue studying after the pilot.
The Team teachable
We held the second startup party with a pitching competition to celebrate our hard work.
What is in the near Future?
The roadmap is looking hefty and exciting. Check out some of the amazing things that we will work on this year.
At the moment a user can spend at least 350 hours on the platform (an hour a day for a year) to skill up & build.

We are expanding into 3D! Construction of the F/MS village has started and the Lounge is already in VR. Education will never be the same again!

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In collaboration with Big Companies, we are adding more blockchain into Skill Lab and into the Talent. Micro-funding is coming and it will be based on hard data!
Link to employment

Alpha testing of the startup and talent portfolio feature to put employability into the game mechanics is already ongoing. We will add AI in HR and rock the boat!

Pitchora prize
MyMama, a female-founded startup from Malta won a year of "play to build" support that starts in September. From Shark Tank to Fe/male Switch: edutainment for all startup fans. Don't miss it!
The big hairy goals of
Fe/male Switch
What do you get by choosing
Fe/male Switch?
How can you learn how to be an entrepreneur? By being one. How can you get entrepreneurial experience without risk? By playing the startup game that simulates startup life and puts anyone into the seat of a startup founder.

Sign up for the startup game or start learning in the startup school.
Entrepreneurial education
More and more companies are steering away from the CV-based approach to hiring candidates towards skills-based evaluation. Live certificate is an updatable portfolio of micro-credentials and uncertifiable skills with "proof of achievement" that paints a holistic picture of any individual.
Skills certification
Different levels and themes. Starting from "build a landing page" to "blockchain and NFTs". Connecting (future) talent with business in need of digital transformation and government in need of an innovative approach to economic growth.

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Offline networking events in Malta, aka "startup villa party" where entrepreneurs, mentors and investors get to network over a glass of wine and lots of food at a villa with a pool and magnificent view.

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Networking events
Have your software tested by women in order to catch unconscious bias that will make you lose revenues. Give your software for free to our users and you will have future loyal customers. Sign up for the Bias Score in textual data project and attract a diverse crowd to your website and social media.
Software testing
Do you have problems with recruiting the right employees? We can help you set up the funnel and provide you with a pool of talented individuals who possess all the necessary digital skills that an innovative company requires. We use distributed recruitment validation in order to get unbiased results.
Talent sourcing
Team building combined with upskilling is the best way to improve employee satisfaction. Encourage employees to develop themselves and grow their inner entrepreneur. They can create their own virtual startup and compete between departments or become mentors to junior users of the game.
Team building
We can be a funnel for any incubator and take care of preparing applicants for any business incubator or accelerator. We also provide data insights about the incubated startups after they graduate so you can have success statistics beyond the program.
Pre & post incubator