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Startup Services

We link education to (self) employment, create startups with both tech and SDG goals and digitize the offline businesses. Take a look and choose what suits you best.
Education for entrepreneurs
How can you learn how to be an entrepreneur? By being one. How can you get entrepreneurial experience without risk? By playing the startup game that simulates startup life and puts anyone into the seat of a startup founder. Sign up for the startup game or start learning in the startup school.
Certification of skills
More and more companies are steering away from the CV-based approach to hiring candidates towards skills-based evaluation. Live certificate is an updatable portfolio of micro-credentials and uncertifiable skills with "proof of achievement".
Different levels and themes. Starting from "build a landing page" to "blockchain and NFTs". Connecting (future) talent with business in need of digital transformation and government in need of an innovative approach to economic growth. Sign up!
Networking events
Offline networking events in Malta, aka "startup villa party" where entrepreneurs, mentors and investors get to network over a glass of wine and lots of food in our villa with a pool and magnificent view. Check it out and sign up for the next one.
Software testing
Have your software tested by women in order to catch unconscious bias that will make you lose revenues. Give your software for free to our users and you will have future loyal customers. Sign up for the Bias Score in textual data project and attract a diverse crowd to your website and social media.
GDPR compliance
Is your website GDPR compliant? Do you have Terms and Conditions? What about cookies? And SSL? Get a free self-check guide to see if you are not in violation of the EU data privacy laws to avoid hefty fines.
Need help with legal, tech (including blockchain), grant applications for startup funding or any other early stage startup problem?
Software development
We are great in both traditional software development and zero-code development (which is perfect for prototyping in startups). And we are always happy to take some of your burden away at a low price (helping a fellow startup out).
Talent sourcing
Do you have problems with recruiting the right employees? We can help you set up the funnel and provide you with a pool of talented individuals who possess all the necessary digital skills that an innovative company requires. We use distributed recruitment validation in order to get unbiased results.
Team building
Team building combined with upskilling is the best way to improve employee satisfaction. Encourage employees to develop themselves and grow their inner entrepreneur. They can create their own virtual startup and compete between departments or become mentors to junior users of the game.
Startup relocation
We are happy to help with relocating your startup or establishing a new company in the Netherlands or Malta. If you have an innovative and scalable idea, we can point you into the right direction and get the process started.
Project partner
We love participating in EU-funded projects as part of a consortium. We bring software development and innovation management onto the table. We can take care of the application process and post-project follow ups.
Whitelabel hr software
We have built a full-range HR software for startups (incl. recruitment, onboarding, team management, upskilling, etc.) that is easily adaptable to your specific needs.
Digitize your business
We can create online presence for your offline business: a landing page with a blog and a newsletter; social media presence and management. We set everything up and educate you how to maintain everything or you can outsource that to us.
A website on demand
We can quickly build a landing page for your business and teach you how to update it. We will take care of design, functionality, SEO, copyrighting and illustrations. You just need to tell us what the website needs to do. Book an intro meeting now!
Pre & post incubator
We can be a funnel for any incubator and take care of preparing applicants for any business incubator or accelerator. We also provide data insights about the incubated startups after they graduate so you can have success statistics beyond the program.
Bias score
Make sure that your content and especially hiring policies do not contain implicit or explicit bias. That does not only drive qualified people away from you but is also becoming illegal in EU.
GEP for horizon
For calls with deadlines in 2022 and onwards, having a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is an eligibility criterion for all public bodies, higher education institutions and research organisations from EU Member States and associated countries wishing to participate in Horizon Europe. Check how we can help.
MVP building
Do you need help with building your MVP (complete with design and copyrighting)? We are happy to help you out either with hands-on advice or by building the prototype together with you.