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Don't have any technical skills but would love to be able to work in IT or even start your own company? Join us for the first hackathon to challenge yourself and find out how to build stuff without coding.
to be announced, Malta
10:00 –18:00
/ to be announced

"Build a website"

About the event
We welcome anyone who wants to test themselves out in building things. This hackathon will allow anyone to create a website in one day. New technology is changing the way products are created and companies are run.
It doesn't matter if you are just thinking about being an entrepreneur, already running your first startup, or are a seasoned founder...
The hackathon is interesting for:
  • Current entrepreneurs
    You can learn how to use zero-code tools for building websites without hiring external it specialists.
  • Future entrepreneurs
    Become a creator for one day and see for yourself if entrepreneurship sounds cool.
  • Experts
    Try yourself out as a mentor and help teams win by guiding them through creating their first product.
  • Local business
    Have the participants create online presence for your business or your new project.
New technology is changing the way startups are created and run
What's going to happen
  • Build the structure of the website
    Tilda is a very intuitive tool for website building that doesn't require you to do any coding but gives you almost endless possibilities to create great looking UI (user interfaces) that is easy to adapt to multiple devices.
  • Prepare the content
    Copywriting is a very important skill that will be pivotal in your website getting traction. Having the right story and an appealing call to action are vital to a smooth UX (User Experience).
  • Create the design
    Work in canva to create the brandbook (fonts, colors) and the logo. Choose appropriate visuals that the target audience will relate to.
  • Make a post about the result
    Document the process and post it as a blog or a social media post with a link to your website in order to create awareness.
Learning by doing beats any other educational approach
Hackathon Program
/ To be announced
People arriving, teams are being formed
10:00 – 10:30
Introduction speech
10:30 – 11:00
Hacking begins
13:00 – 14:00
Hacking continues
14:00 – 17:00
Evaluation and award ceremony
17:00 – 18:00
Get into the entrepreneurial mindset and start creating
Why would you participate in the hackathon?
  • Learn digital skills
    Building a website, design and copywriting skills are all part of digital literacy nowadays.
  • Challenge yourself
    Live a day as an entrepreneur, enjoy the emotional rollercoaster and lurking deadlines.
  • Meet like-minded people
    Building a network is one of the most important skills a successful individual needs to master.
  • Get hired
    We are always on a lookout for a new team member. might that be you? If there's a culture fit, then let's talk.
It's time to build an amazing
website together
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