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Not sure if entrepreneurship is for you? Give our startup game a try and find out – it's the perfect way to explore without risking a thing. Give it a shot and see if entrepreneurship is your jam!

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The only women-first startup game

The goal of the game is to survive and thrive in the startup village. This means that you have to earn more than you spend. Can you do it?
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Why should you join?

Are you scared of taking the first step towards building your dream business and becoming a successful and happy entrepreneur? Or maybe you are stuck and need a push? F/MS is here to guide you on the journey towards success, with a focus on helping you overcome any fears and boost your confidence while finding co-founders and getting expert advice from other entrepreneurs.

How the game works

Learn at Skill Lab

Benefit from our unique approach to entrepreneurial education that combines the knowledge and expertise of startup founders, cutting-edge technology, and engaging educational content with the added benefit of preventive medicine for both physical and mental health.

Build in the Game
Apply the skills that you learned & build a virtual startup together with other players. Navigate legal hurdles, figure out business models & taxes. Your team gets an office, together you go through quests, win tokens, pay rent and salaries and try to level up before money runs out.
Chill in Lounge

With a European flair of joie de vivre (French for "joy of living") and dolce far niente (Italian for "the sweetness of doing nothing") we make the journey towards success enjoyable. Attend wine sessions to decompress, exercise to stay healthy and get rewarded for it with extra tokens.

Buy & sell in Market
Come here to buy and sell expert sessions & tutorials. Pay with the in-game tokens which you can earn in Skill Lab or the game. Go on a shopping spree and dress up your avatar to look glamorous but do check your wallet to make sure you have enough cash left.
Get a LiveCertificate

Your certificate grows together with you. It's a portfolio of micro-credentials that demonstrates how much you have upskilled yourself and if your rate of learnability increases. Share the certificate with anyone so they can see what an awesome entrepreneur you are.

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No risk, all fun! Come play the startup game with us and see if you've got what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur! Don't let fear hold you back from being your own boss.

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