Fe/male Switch

Startup game
for Women

Why you will Love us

  • Access the game 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world
  • You don't need an idea or business/technical skills to get started
  • You don't need a team to start playing: you will assemble it in the game
  • The game is tailor-made for women by women-entrepreneurs
  • Your actions have value and you can influence the game flow
  • We have a multi-level support system: peer2peer, Elona, Game Masters,
  • There's an in-game microfunding mechanism for best achievers
  • And it is so much fun: we use humor because we all need to smile more
We are made for you
Business courses
Startup incubators
Female startup communities
F/MS: startup game for women
Made specially for women
Available 24 / 7 /365
Personalized educational track
Not enough
Not enough
Female role models present
Interaction and feedback
Fear removal as a process
Co-building with the community
Do you need an idea or a team?
Can you get funding?
Software tools and templates
Do you get rewards for effort?
Mindset change as a process
Can you build your own startup?
What's the price like?
Low to medium
Free to low
Low to medium
What's the risk for the player?
Even more Value for you
Check out what else you will get if you join the game.

  • Access multiple ways to earn money
    Help us build the ecosystem and get paid for doing so. We have multiple ways available: from creating educational content, to participating in our Bias Score project, to becoming one of the Game Masters.
  • Get hired by one of our partners
    Many companies are looking to diversify their talent pool with talented women. Use our game as a learning tool, choose the needed trajectory, upgrade your skills to the needed level and apply for a job.
  • Get help with funding applications
    Once you are ready to start looking for funding (grants, subsidies, private funds) we can help you get connected to the right entities and will help you prepare the funding application.
  • Ready to register your startup? We can help
    At the moment we have a lot of experience with the Netherlands and Malta. Both countries welcome entrepreneurs and have attractive startup registration and relocation schemes.
  • Become a successful and happy human
    We prioritize mental health and will teach you how to set the right and achievable goals in order to build the life that is sustainable for you. You will learn to thrive in uncertainty and enjoy the adrenaline rush.
  • Master vital startup and digital skills
    It's important to always be learning. The more skills you have, the more attractive you are in the market. Public speaking and networking, AI, confidence, zero-code, etc. are all part of the entrepreneurial mindset.