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The MVP Pilot of the startup game for women has been legendary. It has brought women from all over the world together for a 4 week marathon. Some gave up but the most resilient ones made it to the end. Here are the winners.

MVP pilot

Best Learner
The fastest gamepreneur to pass the most amount of modules in Skill Lab on the first attempt.
Best learner
This aspiring entrepreneur conquered Skill Lab and went through 12 Modules. She did a lot of practical tasks using Canva, Make, Tilda, Miro, Mailchimp and Adalo.
Best Diamond
A gamepreneur that has been the loudest on social media, promoting our community. The self-proclaimed ambassador of F/MS.
Best diamond
Angi V.
This gamepreneur has been very active on social media, discussing female entrepreneurship and "learning in public". She was also the runner-up in the Best Learner category with 10 Skill Lab Modules up her belt.
Best Mentor
A gamepreneur who played as Mentor in the Game and had at least one of her teams complete the biggest amount of Skill Lab modules. The gamepreneur herself passed Mentor Quests and Skill Lab modules, created content for the marketplace.
Best mentor
An entrepreneur in real life, this gamepreneur decided to get out of her comfort zone and play as Mentor. She mentored 3 teams and actively participated in the communal activities.
Best Investor
A gamepreneur who played as Investor in the Game and helped her team(s) make the most progress. The gamepreneur herself passed Investor Quests and Skill Lab modules, created content for the marketplace.
Best investor
This gamepreneur is a two time champion, because she was also the winner of the first "Code Orange" Pilot as the best gamepreneur. She invested into two teams and both of those became winners in their corresponding categories (Best Team and Best Solopreneur). Read the investment tips that she wrote!
Best Solopreneur
You made the most progress in Skill Lab and in the Game and you created content for the marketplace.
Best solopreneur
Is that a surprise that the Best Learner also won the Best Solopreneur category? No, because learning and doing are correlated and data does not lie: Etheras won 7 Quests in the Game. The mentor and investor of Etheras are also getting prizes because teamwork matters and in total they passed 19 Skill Lab Modules!
Best Team
You made the most progress (combination of individual effort of all gamepreneurs in Skill Lab and team effort in the Game) and you created content for the marketplace.
Best team
The edge of elsewhere
This team has been founded by a real life entrepreneur. Liv not only attracted a co-founder that matched her own vision, but also got a Mentor and an Investor. The team won 4 Quests and all team members passed 13 Skill Lab Modules in total. Everybody in the team is getting prizes for their great job!
Best Badass
An impromptu award for those who didn't quite make it but have been very active and grew their inner entrepreneur the most.
Best badass
This gamepreneur was the runner up for the Best Solopreneur Award but won fewer quests than the winner. She did, however, actively participate in multiple meetings, booked sessions with various mentors and is continuing to build her business after the end of the pilot.
Best badass
Karen Jooste
A real life entrepreneur with her own non-profit didn't only show grit, active participation in the game, workshops and sessions with mentors, but got out of her comfort zone (with Mean CEO slightly pushing her to do so) to learn new digital tools.