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Tools: make
Nancy Duarte once said: "A great presentation gives smart ideas an advantage."
Make is a zero-code digital workplace that helps you automate processes. Using it helps a startupper connect different apps together to build workflows and business processes. This manual will teach you how to use it.
What it's about:
getting to know Make
connecting apps and data
What you will learn:
how to tweak apps to your needs
how to search for the apps to connect
how to build you own scenario suiting your needs
create your first Make connection
doing homework: 2-4 hours
reading presentations: 1-3 hours
How much time does it take?:

Make is a zero-code visual platform for anyone to design, build, and automate anything — from tasks and workflows to apps and systems. Watch this short video to learn more about it.

What is Make?
Useful resources
Play with templates
Make templates
Watch and build
Build your first automation with Make