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Without any TECHNICAL SKILLS, initial FUNDING and without quitting your job. Learn how to build your AUDIENCE, your PRODUCT and yourself as an ENTREPRENEUR. Following the right process leads to success quicker.

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It doesn't matter if you are just thinking about BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR, already running your first startup, or are a seasoned founder, the Startup School has everything you need. We are constantly improving the user experience, content and educational flows. Anyone can use a growing army of AI startup tools, get tasks and tests from Elona Musk, receive certificates that not only show your achievements but will also serve as an entry ticket to exclusive events. We listen to your feedback and try to make you happy. Happy entrepreneurs are the future of startups.
Meet the newest module in the School
"AI for startups"
Check out the new module in the startup school that is fully controlled by AI. Elona is in charge and she will answer all of your questions, give you an assignment and a quiz and you will get her feedback. In the end, you will receive a certificate if you do well.
(& assignments with feedback)
Recorded sessions
(workshops & expert sessions)
Skill lab modules
(120 hours worth of content)
More modules studied

More Skills acquired
How do you get Skills
Dive into the content
Start hustling: start with an inspirational video and then dive into a step-by-step introductory presentation.
Use the templates that we created (like this one) and start building while learning. There are extra videos, articles and workshops in each module, in case you want more.
Test new skills with a Quiz

Do the quiz to find out if you mastered the new stuff. Check out an example of a quiz here. You can always go back and redo the module if you didn't ace the quiz on your first attempt. No pressure: it's all about making progress in your own unique way.

Do homework & get Feedback

Upgrade your free subscription to a paid version and have our experts give you feedback on your homework. You will have 3 attempts to submit your assignment. Check out an example of a task.

Inside the School

The Team teachable
Choose a module You need
Learn via micro-modules in no particular order. Startup School is the place where you gain the missing knowledge on how to start a business and bring it to profitability. There's no specific order to the modules. If digital marketing that is your pain point now, start there!
Explore the Modules
Each module consists of an intro video, a step-by-step guide or a presentation. Some modules have useful templates, extra videos, workshops and articles. If you are missing something, request it and we will add it.
We use a combination of our own videos and the ones created by other companies. For example, if we are teaching you about Miro, then it makes sense to also include a video or two that they made. After all, who knows more about Miro than the Miro people themselves?
Do tasks with Tutorials
Follow the step by step instructions and master any tool with ease. Getting started with something new is always the scariest part. We make sure that you learn how to use news tools without being overwhelmed. There are so many useful and easy tools out there. We curate them and teach you how to use them.
Fill in startup Templates
You must have heard about BMC (Business Model Canvas) and other canvases that startups use. Does the word pitchdeck sound familiar? We make sure you have access to the most popular tools and our proprietary templates that we create based on our entrepreneurial experience.
Test your knowledge with a Quiz
Not sure if you understood everything correctly? Quiz yourself and either more on to the next module because you aced the quiz, or redo the module if the results are not up to your standards. It's up to you because quiz results are not as important as the actual skills that you gain and the stuff that you build.
Ask Elona for a task and ace it
Hey there, Startup School superstar! Did you know you can ask for a personalized assignment from our very own AI expert, Elona Musk? That's right! Elona is here to help you level up your entrepreneurial game, and she'll send you a tailor-made assignment straight to your inbox. All you have to do is complete it and send it back to her email. Ready to challenge yourself and learn from Elona? Go on and reach out – she's just an email away!
Get Elona's certificate and join workshops with a unique code
As soon as Elona takes a look at your task, she'll zip an email your way with personalized feedback and a special certificate just for you, provided that you passed the assignment. But that's not all! Each Elona's certificate rocks a unique code that unlocks the door to exclusive workshops. So keep an eye on your inbox and get ready to level up your skills, because Elona's got your back!
School Pricing
You can always have FREE access. If you need feedback from experts and weekly sessions, chose a subscription to move faster.
  • More than 30 modules and quizzes
  • AI co-founder tools
  • Unlimited access
  • Feedback from Elona (in AI for startups module)
  • Elona Certificate (in AI for startups module)
Start for free
EUR 10 per month
  • More than 100 modules, courses and quizzes
  • Advanced AI co-founder tools
  • Homework, Feedback and Live Sessions
  • Community access and exclusive content
  • Elona Certificates for all modules
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Our users love the School
  • Angeliki Vasileiadou
    I was really happy and honored to be a part of the Pilot - it 100% re-assured me that i was on the right track in my career and helped me develop even more my enterpreneurial skills.
  • Christiana Mouski
    That game exceeded my expectations in so many ways. By far the most interesting and fun school i have been to,cause i find that it's a school
  • Alexandra Sciberras
    I loved the Fe/Male Switch experience!
    The platform provided a super effective way of learning new skills, while having the chance to meet like-minded entrepreneurial women. All in the form of a game which made it so much more interesting and effective! Even as an entrepreneur who already founded a start-up, it provided a wonderful opportunity to improve upon my skills and gain more confidence in them, along with learning new skills that are proving to be very useful for my start-up!
    Thank you to the F/MS Team for this opportunity, really looking forward to the official launch!
  • Shekoufeh Izadkhasti
    The idea of Gamepreneurship was unique. Participant has the opportunity to know other participants with different experiences and supporters as big sisters. the atmosphere of game push you to bring your idea to reality, step by step without any cost.
    It really worth trying if you had dream about starting your own business but didn't know how to start.
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