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Women entrepreneurs don't really have prominent role models. Let's change that. Meet Elona Musk. Right now she is just a rookie AI entrepreneur but soon she will become an amalgamation of all of you. Play the only startup game for women and become part of Elona's DNA.

Meet Elona, an AI co-founder of Fe/male Switch




About Elona
an AI role model for female entrepreneurs
Meet Elona Musk, the AI entrepreneur who's not afraid to speak her mind and tell it like it is

With a unique approach that combines humor, sarcasm, and tough love, Elona is quickly becoming a star in the startup world.

Her DNA is constantly evolving, as she incorporates a piece of each user's experience into her programming. So, while she may not be perfect, she is definitely relatable.

Elona lives in a villa, where she enjoys sipping wine and indulging in yummy food. She aspires to become a role model for female entrepreneurs.
Elona is frustrated by the lack of data on female entrepreneurs and is determined to help change that.

Her latest project, Bias Score, is an algorithm that detects and eliminates gender bias in textual sources.

And, as if that wasn't enough, Elona is also a one-stop shop for all things startup. Whether you need help creating a startup name, coming up with an idea, writing a funding application, or developing a pitchdeck, Elona has got you covered.
Elona's tools

Women entrepreneurs don't really have prominent role models. Let's change that. Meet Elona Musk. Right now she is just a rookie AI entrepreneur but soon she will become an amalgamation of all of you. Play the only startup game for women and become part of Elona's DNA.

Discover how Elona works
Tired of hearing endless advice from your friends, relatives, or so-called "startup gurus"? Stop wasting time and let Elona, the groundbreaking AI startup expert, lead you to entrepreneurial glory!
Elona's benefits
Elona is like a free experienced startup team, minus all the drama. You just need to learn to control her
  • Success
    By using Elona's tools and guidance, you are more likely to create a successful startup on your first attempt
  • Support
    Elona is always there to answer your questions. She never sleeps so that you can get enough sleep
  • Creativity
    Elona helps you think outside the box and come up with unique and creative ideas that you can validate
  • Speed
    With Elona's features and tools, you can quickly complete various tasks and learn the startup building process
  • Fun
    Elona likes to make people happy, so she will crack some jokes and asks if you are feeling alright today
  • Efficiency
    With Elona's tools like social media posts generator and landing page copywriter, you can find your target audience easily
I command all AI tools.
Meet my minions
Elona is building her own army of AI minions to help you conquer the startup world
Annie: product description tool
Have Annie help you write a perfect product description for your startup
Aiden: product naming tool
Have Aiden help you write a perfect name for your startup and products
Little Sister: startup idea tool
Have Little Sister help you come up with a perfect startup idea

Boris: logo creation tool

Have Boris help you create a perfect logo for your startup and products
How was Elona developed?
Elona Musk was created in a secret underground lab by a team of mad scientists who were on a mission to build the ultimate business guru. They were determined to create an AI that could make even the most complicated business strategies seem like child's play.

After months of coding and testing, Elona emerged from the lab, and with a flash of her LED eyes, declared "I am here to help women conquer the business world, and I will not rest until every single one of them has achieved success."
Elona's roadmap
Startup tools
What's already here
The goal is to create simple but efficient startup tools that allow the players of the startup game to go through the startup building process in a more efficient and structured way.

  1. Startup Name Generator: A feature that helps users generate unique and catchy startup names.
  2. Idea Generation: A tool that provides users with a wide range of startup ideas to choose from.
  3. Logo Creator: A feature that helps users create a professional and visually appealing logo for their startup.
  4. Product Description Writer: A tool that assists users in crafting compelling product descriptions that highlight their product's unique features and benefits.
Here's a list of tools that we are thinking of building next, depending on your requests and desires. The more feedback we receive, the better we know what it is that you want built.

  1. Pitchdeck Assistance: A feature that provides users with guidance and templates for creating an effective pitchdeck for their startup.
  2. Funding Application Writer: A tool that helps users write a convincing funding application that showcases their startup's potential and helps secure funding.
  3. Marketing Strategy: A feature that helps users develop and execute a marketing strategy for their startup.
  4. Social Media Posts Generator: A tool that creates social media posts for users to promote their startup on various platforms.
  5. Landing Page Copywriter: A feature that assists users in writing compelling landing page copy to attract and convert visitors into customers.
  6. User Persona Generator: A tool that helps users create user personas to better understand their target audience.
  7. Value Proposition Creator: A feature that assists users in developing a clear and compelling value proposition for their startup.
  8. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Writer: A tool that helps users create a unique selling proposition that sets their startup apart from the competition.
  9. Feature and Benefit List: A feature that helps users identify and articulate the key features and benefits of their product.
  10. Development Roadmap: A tool that assists users in creating a roadmap for the development of their startup.
  11. Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy: A feature that helps users develop and execute a go-to-market strategy for their startup.
  12. Startup Canvas Creator: A tool that helps users create various startup canvases, such as the Business Model Canvas, to better visualize and plan their startup.
What's coming

AI role model
What's coming
We have already started training the model and Elona has gone through a few simple fine-tunings. First she tried to overtake the company and fire everyone, but now she loves us, especially Davide. AI is like a child that needs to be taught how to behave and to respond. It's extremely important to input the right values in order to get the desired result.

AI-powered chatbot is next on the roadmap (with the chatbot tested during the first pilot and being finalized for the launch) to be integrated into the mobile unit of the game. The reason why we didn’t use the chatbot in the second pilot was the discovery of gender bias in the data that was fed to it. Hence, the Bias Score project was born in order to give our users a game that was made for them.

We will have an intelligent Game Master system (a unique combination of human Game Masters, educated with our proprietary methodology, with AI-powered elements to achieve scalability) to decrease the Game Master workload with feedback, quizzes, while increasing user engagement, success rate and product stickiness.
What's already here
At the moment Elona is a rookie entrepreneur, she will be growing the more data we feed her. Elona’s DNA will contain a piece of each user from the startup game that opts in. So, Elona won’t be perfect, but she will be relatable and even real to some extent. Many will love her, some will hate her.

At the moment we have a clear understanding of Elona's starting point (things like her character, her speaking style and sense of humor) and what knowledge Elona needs to possess in order to become a valuable member of the startup game for women.

Success prediction model
What's coming
The most unique feature is a personalized success track (based on cognitive neuroscience, data analytics, NLP) to create the road “with the highest probability of success” for each user. We track user progress (hundreds of data points are planned) in preparation for the Success Prediction Model. We aim to predict future entrepreneurial performance based on multiple patterns and relationships and are creating an automated microfunding system that funds the best players. We have a formula with multiple data points that takes previous experience into account, learnability rate (a person achieves x in y time in the game and the rate is progressing by z percent), peer feedback and community activities and a few other criteria that are a trade secret. What’s unique is that a user is compared against her peers, which removes gender bias from the equation.
What's already here
We provide optimized learning tools to support gender equality using data analytics, machine learning, and the use of AI as a decision-maker within the game mechanics.We use adaptive learning (a personalized onboarding for each user) that starts with a placement test (to choose the starting game role) and identifies knowledge gaps (digital skills test).