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Tap into the power of an AI co-founder & build a startup

Couldn't draw a thing even if your life depended on it? Leave the pixel pushing to the machines and watch your brand come to life with our AI-based logo tool.




Try it now and stop relying on your cousin's design skills to build your unicorn.

Hey, I'm Boris, your awesome virtual co-founder.

What is this tool all about?

Say goodbye to mediocre logos and hello to design masterpieces. No more outsourcing design tasks, or spending hours trying to make something passable. With Boris, you can sit back, relax and let him do all the heavy lifting. And the best part? Boris never sleeps or cares about work-life balance!
Boris is a logo creator that's taking the startup world by storm! Tell him what to draw & he will do his best.
Want to get the most out of Boris? Master the art of prompts! Think of it like giving a genie three wishes, except you get a kickass logo as a result. A well-crafted prompt is like a blueprint for the perfect logo, and Boris is the skilled contractor that brings it to life.

How to perfect Boris's logo with Canva

Boris does his best to satisfy you but let's be real, he's not perfect. Be happy, use Canva.
So, if you love the logo Boris generates but it's just a bit off, don't throw it away, just use Canva to give it the final touch. This way you can co-create with your AI in order to produce a hybrid masterpiece. A logo that has human and AI DNA in it, what's more inspiring that that?
His results depend on the prompts you give him and his current mood. Sometimes you might not get exactly what you want, but don't worry, that's where Canva comes in. With Canva, you can remove backgrounds, edit out any unwanted elements and, of course, add text to show the name of your startup.
Discover how Boris works
What better way to leave a lasting impression than with an unforgettable logo designed by Boris, our innovative AI-based logo creation tool?

Leave the logo design to the robot and focus on changing the world with your startup while sipping your favorite smoothie.

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