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Tap into the power of an AI co-founder & build a startup

Say goodbye to staring at a blank page for hours and hello to Little Sister, the startup idea generation tool!


Little Sister


Try it now and say hello to endless possibilities with Little Sister by your side!

Hey, I'm Little Sister, your awesome virtual co-founder.

What is this tool all about?

But that's not all, Little Sister also has the added bonus of never taking a coffee break, calling in sick, or asking for a raise. She's the ultimate employee, always ready to come up with new ideas at a moment's notice. And unlike your last intern, she doesn't need constant supervision or a pat on the back.

Little Sister is a startup idea generation tool that will revolutionize the way you come up with new ideas.
Just give her a few keywords to get started, describe your future customers and you are all set. Little Sister is a one-woman idea-generating machine. So why waste your time and energy coming up with ideas on your own when you can have Little Sister do all the heavy lifting for you?

How to quickly validate your startup idea

Read the article on how to pre-validate a product idea without wasting time and money
Get yourself a nice mug of coffee or tea and let’s save you months or even years of time and thousands of euros. The article demonstrates an overview of an actual idea validation that startups have to do on a regular basis, seeing as an idea itself is worth nothing (Psst! Don't tell Little Sister that!)
So what should you do once you have your brilliant idea? The most vital thing is to figure out if you are going to be able to make money with it. Before you start looking for funding. Before you start hiring developers. Before you start looking for co-founders. Before you even think about getting funding. Before you worry about your IP.
Discover how Lil Sis works
Are you tired of racking your brain for startup ideas but still coming up short? Has your inspiration well long dried up? Worry no more!

Tired of coming up with startup ideas that are as exciting as watching paint dry? Let Little Sister spice things up with her innovative and unique ideas, unlike your last date.

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