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Startup Playbook: success through failure

Investor Role: Explained

The last representative of the "startup trinity" in our game is the investor. Previously we’ve talked about the roles of the startupper and mentor.

An investor is a person that provides money in return for equity in a startup. Let’s see what makes a good investor and how to think like one.

In order to find the startup that is worth investing in, investors go through a rigorous process of selection that usually starts with pitchdecks, short presentations that founders design to showcase their business plan. It’s often said that a healthy relationship between the investor and the startup founders is vital, so finding the right investment opportunity goes beyond just a sound business case.

The role of the investor is much broader than just providing capital. The range of their responsibilities include:

- Assisting startups with business plan validation.
- Ensuring that invested capital is used in a proper way.
- Creating goodwill of the company in the market.
- Helping in earning maximum profit with least damages and losses.

In addition to smart risk-taking, being a startup investor implies having advanced financial skills and a deep understanding of the tech market. Fortunately, you can acquire all of these competencies during our upcoming pilot. Now, let’s take a look at the startup investor gameplay.

To summarize, an investor is a person who provides capital to start and maintain a business and helps founders maximize profits with the least amount of damage and loss.

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