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How to find a Co-Founder for Your Startup Online

Founding a startup is not an easy matter requiring a lot of effort, time, and, surely, money. You may be an experienced tech specialist with many years of experience in the industry or you may be a college graduate (or even a dropout) with no technical skills or job experience. Either way, it’ll be hard to start your own business and you will need funds to do so.  

Also, there are many founders determining whether a startup will be successful — and finding the right co-founder is one of the crucial ones. Running it solo is also an option but having someone covering your back will double the odds. The question is how to find the right person for your startup and what characteristics to look out for in them.

7 tips on How to Find a Co-founder

1.Search for a partner who shares your values

Choosing the right business partner is almost as important as finding the right spouse. Finding a co-founder, who shares your values, will make it possible to prevent conflicts even before they start. Imagine starting a green-tech company with someone who doesn’t care about the environment. Any business creates a corporate culture and it is best to start forming it in the very beginning.

2.Look for a co-founder who can add new traits to your team

Sharing values and vision is important, but it is also crucial to find someone with complementary skills and traits. For example, if you are good with tech but bad with people you should find a co-founder with highly developed communication skills, and so on. Co-founders with strengths and traits that support each other make a good match.

3.Prepare a checklist of things you are looking for in a potential co-founder

As we’ve mentioned before, pay attention to complementary skills and make sure that you have corresponding values. Your list should also cover professional qualifications, working style, and other relevant aspects. 

4.Attend startup events

Startup incubators in many cities help aspiring entrepreneurs find partners, and potential clients and start business activities from scratch. Those events are easy to find in large cities. This leads to the next tip of ours.

5.Move to a city with a good business environment

When creating an IT-related startup you may consider relocating to a city that already has a network of specialists in the sphere. Consider Malta or Cyprus if you live in Europe since there are many people that work in software development.

6.Try searching online

LinkedIn is probably the best social network in terms of looking for business partners. Try joining online business networking groups where founders are. Typically, such groups require you to pay a fee and meet certain requirements but some of them, such as the Fe/Male Switch startup game will give you a chance to meet other start-uppers as well as to learn more about their skills and traits.

7.Seek help from mentors

Business mentors are usually people with a lot of experience in the business sphere. Seeking their help is a great way to find a startup co-founder. A mentor usually knows people in the industry and will be able to put you in touch with credible candidates.

Choosing a co-founder is an important decision for an entrepreneur and it would be wise to take it seriously. Create a checklist, grow your network, and look for the right partner for your business. 

If you want to find a co-founder, apply to Fe/male Switch startup game for women and meet other future female founders, build your startup in a game together and test whether this person is a good fit. 

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