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Top 5 Digital Skills You Need in 2024

Top 5 Digital Skills You Need in 2024 to build a successful business

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"Digital skills" is a term that covers a wide range of abilities to use electronic devices, apps, and networks to access and manage data. Since all communication and collaboration nowadays is done via the Internet, these skills have become crucial to everyone today. In the startup world, the ability to manage and share information effectively often defines whether a business will be successful.

Business-related digital literacy includes anything from user behavior analysis to adjusting the content for social media channels. Our Fe/male Switch School contains a module or two on how to navigate a business in the digital world; read through them when you got a minute.

There are many more digital skills to learn, so make sure you start your journey toward a better understanding of the principles of how the Internet works with our site.

But let's cover the top 5 applied digital skills that any entrepreneur needs:

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Businesses use search engines daily, and often your success depends on how high your position in the search results is. People only pay attention to the top 5 or 6 results that Google search gives them, so make sure you are at the top. 

But you also need to attract customers "organically," i.e., by offering services they are genuinely interested in. And that's when you need carefully set up SEO that would make your company pop up each time someone searches for a product of your expertise.

2) Photo and video production

People are more inclined to pay attention to and perceive the information presented as a video or a picture. Seeing is believing, they say, so make sure you can surprise and offer your content in the most eye-catching way. You may also check out our Fe/male Switch module on video editing

3) Artificial Intelligence

AI is something that everyone keeps buzzing about. Don't expect to have a robot secretary making you a cup of morning Joe, but take a look at what neural networks can do to enhance your product. You may use them to create art, music, and even texts related to your product and thus save a lot of time for other matters.

4) E-commerce

Selling and buying goods online is vital today, as you may often find better offers and lower prices on the net than in the nearest shop. Digital marketing skills entail creating an online store and connecting it to payment gateways like PayPal, UnionPay, and others. 

5) Building networks on social media

Social media networking allows entrepreneurs to promote their products to everyone interested in their brand, which may be a lot if you know how to manage it right. Join our Startup School to learn more about placing ads, generating leads, and forming a brand community.

Digital skills will never become outdated; they will only keep generating new jobs for people who possess them. Make sure to jump on this train before it's too late!

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