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We opted for zero code and so should you!

A year ago we started looking into zero-code (no-code) development tools and tested them out by having quickly created a mockup that was demonstrated at a meeting with a potential business partner. At that time we already wanted to invest in hiring people who would learn how to use these instruments and thus save on time and money that would otherwise be spent on outsourcing the development of prototypes. This alone would be a massive optimization.

Moreover, we wanted to put those zero-coders onto creating automated solutions for our internal use, as we realized that there are no available products on the market that fit our needs. Hence, automation of specific routine processes is another massive gain.  

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate of the Netherlands gave us an unintended push when they announced a call aimed to “bring more women into tech startups” that we applied for. The solution that we wanted to create was a perfect project for the zero-code approach. We decided that it was the right time to expand the team with zero-code skills. Within a couple of months, we hired a zero-coder who has been immediately put onto this new project that we called “Fe/male Switch”.

We started a flashmob that showed how much something like this is needed! Check out the video!

Met de door u aangeboden game kan de doelgroep op een speelse manier de dilemma's en obstakels rondom ondernemerschap ervaren. Dit vindt het beoordelingsteam een leuk en innovatief idee. Er is creatief nagedacht over hoe je deze groep geïnteresseerd kan krijgen. De oplossing is geschikt voor schaalvergroting.

Evaluation from the Ministry of Economic Affairs

The project originated as an application to a call “Meer vrouwelijke tech-startups” by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, and the above quote is taken from their official letter of...rejection.

The project proposal was not awarded a final place within this challenge due to the committee's disbelief in our ability to create the prototype in the time frame and within the indicated budget. We encountered a lack of technical expertise in regards to IT development with this committee, moreover the lack of knowledge of zero-code development methods. This is a significant driver why they opted for traditional approaches that are within the comfort zone of the actors involved.

When we are told no, we are inspired to push through and do better. This ‘rejection’ (and validation!) gave us the needed boost to actually start working on the project implementation. Challenge was definitely accepted!

Less than 4 months later we built the first version of our data-driven educational role-playing game for future female entrepreneurs. In essence, it is a serious game that is fun to play.

We piloted the platform for 4 weeks with 15 users, 4 Game Masters, 5 Mentors, 2 Modules in Skill Lab, 4 Quests in the Game, and even prototyped our "live certificates" idea.

We did it in less time and with less budget than was indicated in the application. We enjoyed the freedom that zero code has given us so much that we have started building an internal tool for HR needs, but that's a different story.

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