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Networking and you!

Do you have an urge to become an entrepreneur? (You might want to analyse your entrepreneurial potential here). That's a great start! For everything else, there's Elona, the AI startup co-founder for you! As your AI co-founder, Elona delivers a powerful combination of expertise, support, and motivation to help you conquer the world of startups.

You have founded your startup, and now, with the small team you have, you’re focusing all your efforts on the product; everyone in the team is working on it. Good for you! But is this what you should be doing?

Sure you can work all day in the office. However, sometimes you have to step outside. And what do you do when you are outside, you might ask. Well, that's easy! 

You network! Go out there and talk to people. Let them know about your startup and product. We do the same here.

Go to a conference! Conferences offer a fantastic chance to network with other entrepreneurs, find mentors, and deliver your pitch to investors.

Fe/male Switch was present at The Next Web (TNW) conference in Amsterdam and SouthSummit21 in Madrid! We talked with lots of new people and some old friends! These events offer you a fantastic chance to meet up with people, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

"Necesitamos más mujeres en tecnología y startups" that's Spanish for "We need more women in technology and startups," and that's how Violetta opened her pitch at SouthSummit21

Meanwhile, at TNW, we were able to get more people interested in F/MS, and get them involved in our flashmob. Сheck out our new flashmob video below!

Also, at TNW, we pitched F/MS in front of a jury! You can see Violetta in action!

You might not be able to pitch your startup at the very first conference you go to, but that's okay. Instead, use the opportunity to network and meet new people!

Now go out there and preach about your startup! Attend conferences and talk with people, be passionate about it. Of course, not everyone enjoys networking, but it is an essential part of any successful business. And remember: "Necesitamos más mujeres en tecnología y startups"

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