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The benefits of mentoring for mentors and mentees

The benefits of mentoring go beyond the mentee's development, actually, it positively affects both mentors and mentees equally.

But what are these precious advantages for the parties involved? This short article is going to deep dive into the top four.

Researches show that the below four advantages are to be considered valid for both parties involved.

The first important thing to highlight is that it is not only about career development, instead, mentorship encompasses a dual impact on both professional and personal growth.

Let’s take into consideration self-confidence no matter if it is speaking in front of a big audience or standing up for yourself, mentees benefit from higher self-trust simultaneously, also mentors experience the same as such success reaffirms their abilities.

Every time people set their goals and prepare a SWOT analysis something magic happens, they are recognizing their strengths or weaknesses which means they become self-aware, this is extremely important not solely for professional advancement but for the evolution as a human being.

Mentoring should be seen as a gift, the bidirectional opportunity of learning from someone else, it is an effective moment to be exposed to new perspectives, surrounded by giving and receiving feedback, this is not something you learn overnight but rather a journey made of skill development and self-reflection.

Experts have noticed that mentorship can be critical in transmitting culture and values within a company, and it can be a pivotal part of planning. It can also motivate goal setting and progress measuring.

There are several academic research showing that those who experience mentorship report greater job satisfaction and greater fulfillment that goes beyond work.

These are just some of the powerful benefits of mentoring which affect everyone involved no matter their experience and background, it is so good that since this year the US has dedicated a whole month to mentoring, not just because it's a good thing but because it is good for you too.

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