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What is Gender Equality in the Workplace?

Gender inequality at work is a topic that gets more important as your company grows. Gender discrepancies, especially in terms of payment, may occur, and your business should take all necessary steps to make your workplace as inclusive, diverse, equal, and comfortable as possible.

Numerous studies are proving that empowering women and promoting them in the workplace benefits the whole team, making your business more effective and profitable. Taking time to assess and reduce gender discrimination will also help you to avoid conflicts, both interpersonal and legal.

What is gender equality?

The aim of gender equality in the workplace is to achieve equal opportunities and outcomes for men and women alike. Gender equality helps a company solve problems such as unequal pay in the workplace and makes it possible to achieve gender balance in the workplace. 

So, shortly, achieving gender equality means:

1) Paying equally for comparable roles with similar responsibilities

2) Providing equal career opportunities

3) Giving access to all occupations and industries, including leadership roles, regardless of gender

4) Eliminating gender discrimination in the workplace based on gender, particularly due to family responsibilities.

Benefits of gender equality in the workplace

Improved motivation and innovation. Different people bring in unique talents, skills, and strengths, complementing each other and achieving better results. Equality improves collaboration and results in a creative and rewarding environment. 

Improved reputation. Your company will be regarded as a good place to work by potential employees, and investors will see it as having the potential to deliver a unique product to the market.

Improved environment. Well-developed communication skills among employees are essential for keeping the business afloat. Men and women communicate differently, so your company must combine different communication styles in one environment to achieve success. This will help to avoid conflicts among people who spend most of their time together under the same roof. 

Gender inequality in the workplace may be hard to fix, so make sure that you start building your company on such strong pillars as diversity, inclusivity, and equality. This will save you a lot of time and money in the future. And to know how to get rid of biases at the workplace and promote equality join the Fe/male Switch Startup School!

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