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We’ve Been Approved: Gitcoin Now Features Fe/male Switch’s Talent.amp Grant

Starting from today, you can contribute to adding Elona Musks and Petra Thiels into the boys' club! Fe/male Switch (F/MS) startup simulator has made it to the WEB3 community. Donations for our non-profit foundation are now accepted through Gitcoin, a platform designed to fund and coordinate the development of communal goods.

Fe/male Switch allows “gamepreneurs” to get real-life experience and develop skills needed to run or be part of a startup, in a gamified environment. We want to prepare our female leaders for the future and will create the Talent.amp technology on the FMS platform. Talent.amp is the blockchain and crypto connection of the game which uses blockchain technology to track donations, content, and skills.

The word “amp” in the name stands for an “amplifier” as the project aims to amplify female engagement with blockchain technology by providing education. This will improve the future-readiness of our female gamepreneurs as well as pave the way for them to include these technologies in their business development. 

Addressing the gender inequality issue

FMS strives to use game mechanics to combat the gender inequality issue for women in tech and business. We strongly believe that the skills required for entrepreneurship should be considered general skills that are invaluable in daily life, work-life balance, and the future diversity of the workforce.

We can't passively wait for the appearance of education and female role models who will support the adoption of WEB3 technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies in business processes, and even financial/business literacy.

We educate, provide experience and allow for in-game monetization of your skills. The network effect of female “entrepreneurs” or self-starters, hiring more female employees will lead to more diverse tech companies and blockchain projects.

Talent.amp token meets "gamepreneurship"

The Talent.amp technology is designed to support F/MS’s unique approach dubbed “gamepreneurship” that combines "play to earn" mechanics with the "play to learn" foundation of serious games.

We are using in-game rewards, which are minted when we receive donations, and will be used to track the routes of your donation or other types of contribution. These rewards are not distributed to the actual maker of the donation, but, instead, are given to users on the platform in exchange for tasks, challenges and as rewards.

It's also possible that as a philanthropist you get the ability to reward the specific female teams you want to support and your support is tracked. Contributions can make you eligible to embed your own brand within our community.

Some of these rewards are required to unlock further levels, custom 3D avatars (with NFTs) and the derivative NFT ability for fundraising or future cascade funding schemes. Derivative NFTs are user-created funding mechanisms that provide easy and accessible crowdfunding for female entrepreneurs. It allows for more opportunity than only equity investment, as the power of branding, skills, and user rewards can be incredibly valuable as well.

This will allow our users to monetize their talent and career progress/services and enable for the creation of a capital pool that allows ecosystem investors to invest in a female founder as a contribution for social good.

The tokens will be used in the tracking of ownership of data and the required settlement of work/time/effort versus investment in capital. It’s geared for interpayment, incentivization, rewards, and tracking of education. It’ll give users the ability to raise money and allow donations to be tracked.

Enriching the experience of our users

The pilots of the game are free of charge, and, in the future, further access to more levels, functionality and better rewards can be achieved by effort and/or a non-commercial user fee which is used to ensure the continuous growth of the platform in a pay-it-forward manner.

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate detailing their achievements during the program and have a chance to win prizes if they become the top-5 players of the month.

An initial pilot was launched in the Netherlands in 2021, with 15 participants. The second pilot took place in Malta, and has attracted more than 120 enrollments. A slew of leading companies have already decided to partner with us to enrich the experience of our users and promote the importance of digital tools in business.

Those are Bubble.io, a zero-code building platform, Tilda, a website builder, Make (formerly Integromat), an integration platform, Adalo, a zero-code app builder, Scaleway, a cloud service, among others.

Support us now on Gitcoin with monetary contribution or feedback.

Apply for the official launch of the game or sign up for our Startup School!

Or get in touch with us if you want to discuss anything about our project, as we strongly believe in co-creation and communal brainstorming! Let’s build a more diverse blockchain community together!

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