Inside the platform

F/MS Village: The Ultimate Growth Hub for Startup Founders

The startup village is a virtual space within the startup game for women where users can interact with each other, learn about entrepreneurship, and advance their progress in the game.

The village is home to several key features, including:


The Lounge is a social space within the village where users can connect with each other and share news and updates. It includes a news feed, forum, and hall of fame, which showcase the achievements of users in the game.

Skill Lab

The Skill Lab is an educational facility within the village where users can access a range of modules and resources to help them learn about building a startup.

Startup tower

The startup tower is the main hub of the game, where users can participate in quests and interact with other players. It is organized into several floors, with offices on higher floors being more luxurious and expensive.


The marketplace is a shopping mall within the village where users can buy and sell skills, tutorials, and other resources. It includes a range of different shops, offering a wide variety of products and services.

Overall, the startup village is a key feature of the startup game for women, providing users with a virtual space to learn, connect, and advance their progress in the game.