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Zencastr: High-Quality Podcast Recording & Editing Tool

Podcasting with Zencastr

Zencastr is a tool designed for podcasters and remote audio content creators, making it easy to record high-quality podcasts, interviews, and audio content that involve participants from different locations.
Zencastr enables users to manage their recordings smoothly by automatically capturing and syncing audio from each participant, resulting in individual audio tracks. This saves time-consuming post-production work, as all tracks can be effortlessly mixed together for a studio-quality podcast. With an easy-to-use interface and no additional software to install, Zencastr is a must-have tool for anyone looking to produce polished remote audio content.
Zencastr has differen pricing plans:


- 2 hours audio & video recording; unlimited audio uploads & hosting!

- Up to 12 participants, 192k MP3 quality and 720p video.

- 31 days for recording masters storage, plus an embed player.
Creator (free):

- A nice upgrade! Unlimited recording, 1080p video, 90 days storage.

- 1-hour post-production credits/month, AI video layouts, and no Zencastr branding.

- Up to 750 video views/month, but remember you still get everything from the FREE plan.

- Go pro with unlimited 16-bit 48k WAV recordings and storage.

- English transcriptions, live editing soundboard, and remove watermark.

- Connect to Google Drive/Dropbox, get advanced show analytics, and 10 hours of post-production credits/month.

- Level up with 4K video, 20 hours post-production credits/month, and 10k video views/month.

- Up to 2 shows, host 3 team members, and enjoy 50k brand page impressions.

- Explore analytics and attribution features, automatic coupon management, and advertising management.
Learn more about Zencastr here!