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It's a fantastic tool that is transforming the way people communicate and collaborate in virtual environments.
Spatial is a mixed reality (XR) platform that allows users to create immersive, 3D virtual spaces using avatars and holograms to interact effectively. With Spatial, teams can hold meetings, brainstorm ideas, and even give presentations in a highly engaging virtual setting.
The platform is designed to work across a diverse range of devices, including VR headsets, AR glasses, and even conventional smartphones or computers. So whether you are a remote-working startup team or a bunch of friends wanting to have a virtual gathering, Spatial is the go-to tool that makes connecting, collaborating, and having fun in virtual spaces a breeze!

Spatial has a free version for creators looking to host exhibitions, meetups, and live events and a paid one for creators, brands and agencies looking to host more curated and controlled experiences.
Check out here how Spatial is revolutionizing the way people communicate and be part of the change!