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We make change: Join the Impact Startup Remote Volunteering Wave

Welcome to We Make Change - where impact is made easy! We're ushering in the age of remote volunteering, and we're excited to have you aboard.

For Individuals:

Your cause is our cause! Volunteer remotely with startups that match your unique skills, schedule, and the causes you're passionate about. We'll connect you to the right opportunities that let you make an impact right from your home, all while doing what you love.

For Impact Startups:

We're here to help you recruit skilled volunteers who can work remotely and help your impact startup soar, and guess what? This comes for free! Utilize our platform to get the expertise you need to succeed and make a difference.

For Companies:

Looking to make an impact with your remote team? We've got you covered! We make it easy for your team to volunteer, maximizing your collective impact in just a few hours.

Change Stories:

Be inspired by stories from within our community. Hear firsthand accounts of how our supercharged impact startups are changing the world, one project at a time.

Volunteering made easy:

Gone are the days of traditional volunteering. While picking litter, painting sheds, and serving soup are noble pursuits, they don't necessarily align with everyone's interests, skills, or schedule. At We Make Change, we're revolutionizing volunteering, making it flexible, accessible, and impactful.

Tech for good:

We live in an age where we can get almost anything anywhere, anytime. It's high time we used this tech for good, right? That's the essence of We Make Change, leveraging technology to drive positive change.

Our vision:

We dream of a world where anyone, anywhere can contribute to change, anytime. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that by 2030, everyone has played a part in achieving the Global Goals* Join us on this journey to make a difference. Together, let's change the world!

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