Inside the platform

Lounge: Stay Informed and Monitor Your Startup's Progress

The Lounge is a social space within the startup village in the startup game for women where users can connect with each other and share news and updates. It is an important part of the game, as it helps users to stay informed and to build relationships with other players.

The Lounge includes several key features, including:

  1. News feed: The news feed is a stream of updates from users and other sources, providing users with the latest information about the game and about entrepreneurship.
  2. Forum: The forum is a place for users to discuss topics related to the game and to share their thoughts and experiences with others. It includes several different categories and sub-categories, allowing users to find and participate in discussions that are relevant to their interests.
  3. Hall of fame: The hall of fame is a showcase of the achievements of users in the game. It includes profiles of users who have accomplished notable feats, such as completing a certain number of quests or reaching a certain level within the game.

Dashboards and leaderboards

This section shows your current progress in climbing the F/MS tower. You may also access your learning progress here, see how many Skill Lab modules you’ve finished, which of them are pending and the amount of tokens you have.

Hall of Fame

The best of you will be displayed here at the end of each month and will be featured until the next nomination period. There are 4 individual awards and a group one:

  • Best Learner: someone who has finished the largest amount of modules and excelled at other education-related matters.
  • Best community builder: someone who helps us built the community (for example, by organizing workshops) and useful content (for example, guides for other gamepreneurs); the one who becomes our ambassador on social media and beyond, finds bugs and reports them or proposes new features.
  • Best Mentor: someone who has progressed as a startup mentor, created educational content for the Marketplace, succeeded in “mentor quests” in the game and, of course, helped their team complete Skill Lab modules.
  • Best Investor: someone who has mastered the art of investing, created educational content for the Marketplace, succeeded in “investor quests” in the game and, of course, helped their team reach for the stars.
  • Best startup team: the best team that achieved progress in many quests, earned a substantial amount of tokens in their company balance and showed outstanding team spirit.