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Ready to fill in the F/MS canvas but kinda stuck on what to do next? Chill, girl! Just scribble in your deets on this form and your buddy Elona will zip a bang-on, ready-to-use canvas straight to your inbox. Easy peasy, right?


FMS canvas tool


Why the F/MS Canvas?

The F/MS Canvas encourages you to dig deep and really get to know yourself as an entrepreneur. What are your skills? What makes you tick? What resources do you have? How do you handle pressure and stress? By answering these questions, you'll be able to better navigate the path to startup success.
Designed specifically with startup founders and budding entrepreneurs in mind, this comprehensive guide aims to make navigating the complex waters of business creation as smooth and stress-free as possible.
With the F/MS Canvas, you won't just be launching a business – you'll be creating a lifestyle that supports your passion, wellbeing, and resilience. Let's kick start your startup journey today!
Meet the F/MS Canvas, your ultimate planning tool for entrepreneurial success!
How does the tool work?
Our test zeroes in on 10 vital queries regarding you and your ideas.
Your responses to these queries will aid Elona in tailoring the F/MS canvas precisely for you and your startup.
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Start by answering thought-provoking questions designed to dig deep into your entrepreneurial mindset.
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Get a highly personalized result that reveals your startup's strengths.

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F/MS Canvas

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