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Ask Elona
to fix your text and improve your grammar

Don't let being a non-native English speaker stand in your way. Have Elona proof read any text, correct it, explain why she made the changes and propose a better version of the same text.


Elona grammar nazi


Why the Elona grammar tool?

Tired of second-guessing your English skills? Ready to stop worrying about that tricky grammar rule you always forget? Get ready to meet Elona, our new AI tool. She's like your very own personal English teacher, but way cooler. Simply hand over your text and watch as she magically transforms your words into grammatically correct, beautifully composed sentences.
Never again will you have to worry about your grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Whether you're writing an email, drafting a proposal, or creating content for your website, Elona has got your back.
And the best part? Elona doesn't just correct your text, she explains why she made the changes, so you can learn from your mistakes and improve your writing skills. Let Elona take your English to the next level. With her on your side, you'll be impressing everyone with your flawless grammar in no time. So go ahead, let your ideas flow and leave the rest to Elona. Your words are her command.
Meet your new secret weapon for flawless communication - Elona, the AI-powered text guru!
How does the tool work?
Shoot over your text that needs a once-over to Elona. Hang tight for a bit, and once Elona's given it the green light, it'll pop up right in your inbox.
Fill out a tiny form
Simply fill out a tiny form and insert the text you want to check. Elona will send you the results via email.
Get your result via email
As soon as Elona checks your text, she will immediately send you the results to the email address indicated in the form.

Unleash the power of perfect grammar with Elona

Say goodbye to awkward sentences and hello to writing that shines. With Elona on your team, you can write with confidence, knowing that your words will make the right impact, every time.