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Are you contemplating getting into startups? Get yourself a drink and let the Mean CEO help you.
It doesn't matter if you are just thinking about being an entrepreneur, already running your first startup, or are a seasoned founder...


With technology moving a lot faster than you do, it's time to take a look at yourself in the digital mirror. Are you still using Skype, DVDs and Internet Explorer? Have you ever heard of Butter, Stripe or Notion? Grab some popcorn and let's go!
Complete the quiz and find out what the level of your digital skills is.
Fill out the form and we will send you the results together with some advice.
You know the basics of zero-code.
You can create a simple landing page, a presentation, an automation.
You are familiar with digital marketing techniques
You can create a simple service/ landing page, drive traffic to it and get some sales.
You know how to use content creation tools.
Like Notion and alike (MS Office doesn’t count).
You know how social media algorithms work.
You have heard about crypto and understand how it works.
You know the basics of data security, VPNs and GDPR
You can create engaging video, audio and text content
You understand gamification and have played a few games.
You know how to attract an audience, how to have a blog and a newsletter.
You know the basics of design thinking and story-telling.
You can create a bot for a messenger.
You can create a simple web application with zero-code.
You can assemble and manage a team.
You can create a web application using Low Code.
You can create a mobile application with zero-code.
You know some code and the basics of data science.
You know how to pitch your project.
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