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Ask Elona to analyze your CV

Ever felt like your CV is just shouting into the void? Not anymore! Our CV Analyzer Tool is like your personal career coach, making sure your CV not just whispers, but *talks*—the kinda talk that gets you interviews.


CV analyser


Why CV analyser tool?

This tool doesn't just edit; it transforms your CV into a recruiter magnet. It highlights your wins and presents your skills in the language of success, so hiring managers can't wait to meet you.
In the bustling job market, a CV analyzer tool is your secret weapon. It fine-tunes your resume, ensuring it shines in a sea of applicants. It's like having a personal coach for your job hunt journey.

Imagine having a beacon that guides your CV straight to the interview shortlist. A CV analyzer is that beacon, turning job searches from meh to yay!

Meet our CV Analyser Tool, an applicant's secret weapon!
How does the tool work?
Upload screenshots of your CV and our tool gets crackin'. It digs through the nitty-gritty, from contact info to those sneaky grammar gremlins. Think of it as a super picky editor—it even gets why keywords are key. In the end, you've got a comprehensive report that's pure gold.
Get started with uploading your CV
Start by uploading your CV. Max out at 10 CV screenshots. Upload them one by one!

Elona will analyze the images and give you some useful advice.
Get your result via email
Get a highly personalized result that allows you to get a second opinion about the strong and the weak points together with actionable advice on making the CV better.

Unleash your full Professional Potential!

Are your CV's superpowers buried under less-than-x-ray-worthy wording? Is it cloaked in 'meh' instead of 'wow'? Fear not! With our state-of-the-art CV Analyzer Tool, we’ll turn the magnifying glass on your resume and amp up its muscle power!