What? Female entrepreneurs wanted
Why? To have true diversity in tech
We created the "gamepreneurship" methodology to reach our ambitious goal: true diversity in technology. Women are the first group that we empower.

Learning by playing is something that we do as kids. F/MS puts playing back into the game for positive emotion creation.
for women to become successful
More women in technology
More women

More Profit

increase of profit brought by diverse teams

more team collaboration, engagement and retention through diverse teams
increase in performance in companies with >30% of female executives

f/MS MISsion

Start growing your inner entrepreneur, get into startup mindset, upgrade and expand your digital skills. Create and monetize your content and sell your skills as well, so you can earn your first tokens and treat yourself to a nice mug of coffee!

Start hustling: gather a team, get tokens for quests, and get a better office! Just like in real life, you have to decide on salaries, build your audience and make sure there's enough cash for champagne to celebrate victories! Mental health matters! So learn to enjoy life!

Your startup lacks some knowledge or your team needs funding? Consider spending your tokens on skills acquisition for the team, or get an investor. Do you want both? There's plenty of ways to earn: get creative and challenge yourself! Win prizes and get funded.

F/MS Vision

The Team teachable
Start with the Skill Lab
Learn via micro-modules and check your progress to be even more proud of yourself. When a quest in the game seems too complicated, Skill Lab is the place where you gain the missing knowledge on how to start a business.
It's time to play!
The goal of the game is to reach the top of the FMS Tower by moving to a higher floor (and thus a better office) and become a star of FMS village! Build in public and master the startup building process.
Explore the Marketplace
Buy tutorials, advisory services, one-time services and sessions. This way you invest into yourself. And you can sell your skills and services as well! Check your wallet to know many many tokens you have earned.
Get a live Certificate
With our certification system, every skill you gain in Skill Lab and every quest you win in the game transforms into a micro-credential that gets added to your verifiable portfolio. Your live certificate grows with you.
Our Partners
The MVP Pilot
starts July 7
join a 4-week startup game
build your first startup
upgrade your digital skills
get a prize if you are in TOP 5
get funding if you are TOP 1
More than

While we are working hard on getting everything ready for the next pilot, start gaining startup experience! Go through the FAQ and sign up for the Playbook updates. Join our ecosystem today and get life-long access to our gamepreneur community
Our gamepreneurs Love Us
  • Benedicta De Fretes - Dirkmaat
    Passionate entrepreneur and startupper
    Being a gamepreneur and sitting on the startup simulation chair during the role-playing game has boosted my adrenaline. For a month, my days were filled with more excitements. Everyone in the Fe/male Switch team also radiated contagious positive energy. I am thrilled and looking forward to getting to know the full platform. I want to continue and win my game! Trust me, joining Fe/male Switch is worth our time and effort!
  • Stella Friaisse
    Master student in international business and negotiations
    I was not totally sure what to expect when I decided to enroll for the pilot of Fe/male Switch because I had never participated in this kind of program before. All I knew is that there was a lot to learn and this was a very easy guess. However, I didn't know how fun it would be to meet and share with other women from such diverse background about startup life, to participate in original quests and earn token by completing different tasks or by marketing my skills.
  • Alina Kostrub
    The idea of becoming a startupper has always seemed complicated, confusing, and intimidating to me, but testing myself in the Fe/male Switch project turned out to be a great decision. This educational game will enable you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, learn a lot about the startup world and how things work (before you invest your time and money into a real business). You'll be able to work out whether this intensive lifestyle suits you or whether it's better to work the old-fashioned way for someone else. What is very important, these guys don't just throw you in the water and say "ok, now swim", but train, help, support and don't let you drown. It is very exciting that you can make mistakes in the game, learn from your own failures, and then apply your newly gained knowledge and wisdom to real life. And there are no consequences!
Frequently Asked Questions
Haven't found the answer here?
Check out our FAQ section or text us.
How long will this game be in piloting?
At least until August 2022, but depending on player feedback and the amount of content we choose to put into the final game, it may take longer.
Do I need to have a startup idea?
No, we don’t expect this from you. Moreover, ideas are not the most important part of building a startup. We urge you to come up with any idea that looks fun to you and just play around with it. The chances are that your first iteration will fail. And that's great! We want you to learn the algorithm of building a startup by going through multiple ideas. It's a game, so play a little. And once that "one and only" idea comes to you while you are in the shower, you will have already learned about all the right steps.
What is the workload and duration of the game?
The workload is 5+ hours per week. You can do as little or as much as you want on top of that. We have some scheduled activities that are useful to attend (but can be viewed as a recording in case you cannot be there), but most of the things in Skill Lab and the Game can be done any time. It's a nice training for a remote work experience. And at times it will be asynchronous, because of different time zones of all the participants.
Can I play together with my business partner?
You are more than welcome to encourage your female friends to participate in the project and grow together! You can form a team and invite your friend or join one together.
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Grow Your Inner Entrepreneur
If you are a female student/graduate and you want to test if startup life is for you, then Fe/male Switch is where you can do it while having lots of fun!
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F/MS awareness campaign
"More women in startups and stem" Flashmob is meant to get the conversation going. diversity is tech is still not accepted by everyone as the only way forward. by adding elona musks and petra thiels to the boys' club, we are not threatening men, but adding to the overall economic prosperity.