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Startup: Maltese edition
Malta is famous for its' wonderful climate and beautiful beaches but it is also a very nice place to run a startup from. If you are interested in the idea of moving to Malta with the idea to start a company there, then this module is definetely for you.
What it's about:
startup funding
getting to Malta
Business on the island
startup festivals
What you will learn:
how can you come to Malta and start a business there (both for EU and non-EU citizens)
what legal pecularities are out there
how can incubators help
what are the common payment structures
how to start
doing homework: 3-5 hours
reading presentations: 1-3 hours
How much time does it take?:
A webinar by Matthew Caruana about running a startup in Malta. Learn how small businesses exist on the island, what are funding opportunities and how to seek and find financial support there?
Startups in Malta with Matthew Caruana,
CEO of JAYE Malta | Fe/male Switch | Startup Game for Women