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Startup playbook
Elon Musk once said: "If something is important enough, or you believe something is important enough, even if you are scared, you will keep going."
Becoming a startupper usually means giving up on your old job and devoting all your time and effort to the company of your dream. This is a hard path that not everyone can walk. But courage and character can be trained and this module's goal is to make you look internally to find the inner strange to become truly independent. Are you scared but excited? Then hop on the Fe\male Switch train!
come up with a funding strategy (either bootstrapping or raising money)
put the business stuff on paper, starting with the pitchdeck
never give up, take care of your mental health and find your balance
—Āombine what you do with who you are to become a happy entrepreneur.
do your market research to make sure you are not going to be the only customer
start with an idea that you love and become your first customer
Steps that you need to take:
taking the first step towards building your network
finding out whether a startupper's life is for you
staying cool
learning how to identify and address customers' needs
getting to know about business ideas and how to pick them up
learning what a startupper's life is like
What it's about:
how to get started
how to CEO things like a pro
how to set the right priorities
what the FMS project's founding principles are
how an actual female CEO runs a company
how to trust your gut
What you will learn:
doing homework: 2-5 hours
reading presentations: 1-2 hours
How much time does it take?
What makes an entrepreneur?
What makes an entrepreneur by Sahar Hashemi.
Sahar Hashemi
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Startup playbook?
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