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Warren Buffett once said: "The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect."
An entrepreneur's life is exciting — meeting new people all the time, pitching projects and ideas no one ever deemed possible, finding solutions to problems poisoning people's daily lives, you name it. But there is also the hard part which involves counting every penny, struggling to stay afloat before ascending to the skies and looking for the right people to rely on financially. The goal of this module is to help you learn who investors are and where to find them.
What it's about:
learning how to see through a potential investor
getting to know what kinds of investors are out there
branding and networking
understanding yourself to figure others out
some economics and numbers
What you will learn:
when to agree on a deal and when to run away
what is a stock
how to navigate in the deal flow
how to find the best investor
how to decide what's best for your startup
doing homework: 2-3 hours
reading presentations: 1-2 hours
How much time does it take?:
Do you think female founded startups have a better chance of being funded by a female investor? Well, listen to the data-driven talk of Dana Kanze to know if that's the case.
The real reason female entrepreneurs get less funding | Dana Kanze