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Build a Pitchdeck
in 4 hours

Pithdeck course for Women
without any technical or design skills. You will fill in your F/MS Canvas, figure out story telling, structure your presentation and upskill yourself as an entrepreneur. Following the right process leads to success.
New technology is changing the way startups are created and run.
It doesn't matter if you are just thinking about being an entrepreneur, already running your first startup, or are a seasoned founder...
This course will help
By giving the clear process of creating a story, formulating the idea, designing the slides and putting in the right words and numbers.
Fill in the F/MS canvas
Define your target audience, find where they like to hang out and start talking about your idea, earn some credibility and start “building in public”. Highlight your vision so that people can follow you. And be consistent.

Create your brandbook
Build a simple landing page, explain your vision and concentrate on benefits for your customers. Make them feel special, talk about them and to them. Set up an email collection funnel and collect pre-payments.
Write the content
Learn how to use a suitable zero-code tool to build a mockup of your future product. Concentrate on the main feature that delivers value and start collecting feedback. Iterate and get first users.
Design the deck
Being an entrepreneur is like riding an emotional rollercoaster. Sometimes you will feel on top of the world, the next minute you will feel like quitting. Be in control of your startup journey by growing your inner entrepreneur.
What to expect
The course is a FREE version of the Skill Lab Module from the Fe/male Switch, "the only startup game for women".
This course is based on our proprietary educational methodology, called "gamepreneurship" in which learning by building is prioritized. Startups are hard but can be fun.
Building process
Why are some entrepreneurs successful and others not? Research is far from being conclusive, but there's a strong correlation between following the right process from the very beginning and the early stage survival rate of baby startups. Where can you learn about the process? Of course from the people who have already gone through it and made a bunch of mistakes and went through a lot of iterations to make sure that only the things that work remain.
Active community
Followers are not community. In order to have an engaged community around us, we involve our gamepreneurs into almost every sphere of our own life. We show behind the scenes of building a startup so that people become aware of what it looks like. We put our supporters into the driver's seat and have them make decisions on whether something will happen or not. By becoming a part of this community, you gain a lot of supporters as well.
Startup mindset
Early stage entrepreneurs need to be in the "minimum building, maximum validation" state of mind. In other words: selling before building has to be prioritized. Thriving in constant uncertainty is one of the most important parts of the entrepreneurial mentality that will be useful in any part of your life.
Digital tools
It is very easy to drown in the ocean of software. We take care of the choice paralysis and huge waste of time associated with testing and choosing the right piece of software for all the startup needs. We have you covered: you will use Tilda for building the landing page, Bubble for building a web app, Adalo for building a mobile app, Canva for design, Make for automations, Miro for brainstorming, etc.

If you want to build your Pitchdeck don't waste time on These things

  • Don't hire a professional designer. You will have to edit and change the deck multiple times, so learn to do it yourself.
  • Don't buy a logo. Simply create one yourself with Canva. We will explain.
  • Don't worry about perfection. Concentrate on testing and getting feedback.
  • Don’t overthink. Start building and get into the startup mindset.
Learn by pitching
By spending 4 hours on this course you will not only build a great looking pitchdeck for your startup, but we will also issue a LIVE CERTIFICATE with all of your achievements that you can stick to your LinkedIn.
Pitchdeck course for women
Get an overview of pitchdecks and fill in the F/MS Canvas to get your ideas flowing in the right direction.

Get an overview of pitchdecks and Canva, the tool that you will use in this course. Create your brandbook.
Prepare the structure of the pitch (based on our template) and write the content.

Now add the design, polish the content and get ready for testing the presentation with first users.
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It's time to build something amazing Together!