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we are an NFT
We don't follow in someone else's footsteps, but pave our own way. This gets us in trouble once in a while because outside the box thinking is frowned upon by startup evaluators. During the pandemic we opened our R&D&I base in Malta and started our own non-profit. Now we live and work between two countries (the Netherlands and Malta) and run several startups. This blew everyone's minds because that's not what startups do. It might be because we have "Mean CEO" who has a strong vision and more motivation than Elon Musk to boost female entrepreneurship, or maybe it's because we are an NFT= Non Fungible Team of snowballs. Startups are hard, but if done properly, they can also be lots of fun. Jump in for the ride!
Core team
Violetta is an experienced startup founder with an MBA and 4 more Higher Education degrees, with a background in education and deeptech (blockchain and AI). With more than 20 years of work experience in multiple countries (incl. 5 years of being a solopreneur and a serial entrepreneur). She is the creator of the "gamepreneurship" methodology that is the scientific basis of the startup game. She got accepted into Columbia University and has been named one of top 100 women in EU Startups.
mean ceo
Chief Everything Officer
Dirk-Jan is the guru of all things legal and can explain IP, contract law and all the other things that startups need in words that "normal people" understand and offer solutions that even startups can afford. He comes from a technical family and used to be a model, professional footballer, politician, attorney-at-law and an entrepreneur. He bridges the gap between the law and the use of emerging technology, which is why 3 years ago he immersed himself in blockchain and AI.
legal tech nerd
Chief Legal Officer
Timo is a unique combination of technical knowledge and business acumen.
He has been in blockchain and AI since 2016 and was CEO of a startup before he joined us. He is also the lead for funding and R&D and can create roadmaps, GANNTs charts and work packages in his sleep. By the way, he almost never sleeps, loves design, can learn almost anything in a couple of days and does ballroom dancing in his free time.
Non Fungible Timo
Chief Operations Officer
Alexandra has a Master’s degree in linguistics and intercultural communication with 15 years of experience in international business, media relations and digital marketing in both B2B and B2C. She has a passion for business communication and knows everything about its latest trends and developments. She is studying to become a psychologist and is a promoter of mental health.
Chief Marketing Officer
Originally from Italy, Davide has a background in International Business. He speaks three languages and has experience in intercultural communication, startups (he had his own wine company), Business Development and Finance. He is responsible for analytical research, partnerships, funding and overseeing our finances. Davide is curious about everything he is not familiar with, and with whatever concerns the sea, especially surfing and sailing. Oh yeah, he also cooks like a true Italian.
Chief Finance Officer