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Eva Chen once said: "Build a lifestyle around your brand, and the audience will follow."
This module is very important (all of them are, but this one in particular) as it covers audience-building and public speaking, the two things that any startupper should excel at.
What it's about:
unconventional PR-strategies
learning the power of podcasts
public speaking
not freaking out when delivering a speach
What you will learn:
how to deliver a superb public speech
who are influencers
how to do a podcast properly
how to advertise your product and what to pay attention to
how to build a shock and awe marketing strategy
how to build a network around your personal brand
doing homework: 2-5 hours
reading presentations: 4-6 hours
How much time does it take?:
Martha Gilmer, CEO of San Diego Symphony presents her talk “Find Your Music™: Building Audiences through Community“. By getting back to basics and making community a priority, the San Diego Symphony is redefining what it means to be an orchestra. Learn how this emphasis on connecting with the community is reenergizing the entire San Diego Symphony team of musicians and staff, propelling ticket sales to record levels and inspiring new donors.
Find Your Music™: Building Audiences through Community