Fe/male Switch
Startup: Dutch edition
The Netherlands is often referred to as "the country of entrepreneurs" for reason. This happens largely because Dutch people are huge fans of planning, setting deadlines, meeting them and doing everything the right way. In this module you will learn what to prepare for when running a business in the "Kingdom of the Low Countries."
What it's about:
opportunities for startuppers
taxes and funding
legal matters
cultural aspects
What you will learn:
how the country's tax system works
what legal pecularities are out there
how to manage business in the Netherlands
how can cultural aspects help or hamper your company's success
how to look for (and find!) funding opportunities
doing homework: 3-5 hours
reading presentations: 1-4 hours
How much time does it take?:
Watch a video by Fe/male Switch about our company's experience of running a startup in the Netherlands.
Running a startup in the Netherlands: episode one.
How to choose the right incubator.