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Digital Marketing
Hannah Fry once said: "The invisible pieces of code that form the gears and cogs of the modern machine age, algorithms have given the world everything from social media feeds to search engines and satellite navigation to music recommendation systems."
Most people use the Internet to learn about new products. Your creation will not be an exception. Both search engines' and human attention's possibilities are limited and for your product to truly fly you need to make it visible. Search Engine Optimization will help you with this endeavour if your play your cards right. This module will teach you how to do so.
What it's about:
finding the right content
developing SEO strategy
forming the right mindset
making your website visible
What you will learn:
what is SEO
what is SEM
how to set it up correctly
how to properly manage your website
how to manage content
learn how to make people learn about your product
doing homework: 2-5 hours
reading presentations: 3-5 hours
How much time does it take?:
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes time to show results. So you must plan ahead & start working on it early.
Alexandra Radova, intro to "Digital Marketing" Module
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